IPL – I Pathetically Love!!!!

#PepsiIPL – The only cool thing about this hot summer. IPL, IPL, IPL, everywhere – from my home to office, from my mobile bookmarks to my laptop internet history IPL seems omnipresent. It all started 7 years ago – the first IPL begun when I first began my IPL – Indian’s Pathetic League – Engineering.  Now after seven years, engineering ka toh pata nahi lekin IPL toh mera addiction hogaya (I don’t know about Engineering but IPL is an addiction to me still).

Five ways to know that you are addicted to the game!

1. You will loathe having evening meetings at office!


2. World War III – For TV with mother and sisters 😀


3. You will realize that you have a great control over your urinal bladder especially when Dhoni is on the pitch and it is the last over!

4. When someone says you waste the all evenings of summer watching IPL!


5. That house sick moment when you can’t go out in morning due to sun and evening due to IPL.


Five encounters that I had to face because of my #PepsiIPL addiction


Mom: Sri, come let’s go to temple!

Le Me: Noooooooo…. CSK Match!

—Next Day——

Mom: At least today come to temple!

Le Me: No mom… KXIP Match!

Mom: *confused* you were supporting CSK nah?

Le Me: Yeah, even now I support CSK!

Mom: Then why are you watching this match?

Le Me: If KXIP loses CSK will be on top of the table

Mom: Get lost!

Le Me: Pray that KXIP should lose!!!!!!!


My Childhood Best Friend (pings over FB): Heyyyy… Free this evening? Let’s meet!

Me: *sees the message and doesn’t reply*

He: Busy?

Me: *sees and doesn’t reply*

He: *sends 10 messages saying how I changed and how I am inconsistent*

——Next Morning——-

Me: *hastily types an essay stating how I haven’t changed or forgot him but IPL comes first* 😛


The most handsome guy in my FB profile pings;

He: Hey

Me: *sees the message and waits till ad to reply back* – Hey

He: How are you?

Me: *sees the message and waits till ad to reply back* – Gud

He: You look pretty in this profile picture!

Me: *sees the message and wait till ad to reply back* – K, Thnx

————-Next Day Morning————

His Status: “Pretty girls have ugly attitude – Sick!”

Le Me: *thinks* Oh no!!!! I am generally a lovely person who responds back unless there is IPL match on TV.


My Kid (niece): Shall we eat ice cream?

Me: *not looking at her* you eat!

She: Come to buy with me!

Me: Noooo….. take money from purse and eat whatever you want, don’t nag me!

———–Next Day Morning———

SMS reads – Rs. 269 was debited from your account against bill in Chennai at Cream & Fudge!


Somehow people drag me out and we go shopping with family. I ping my bestie over WhatsApp, “Love, what’s the score?”

“I am outside. You see and tell me”

“Buffalo, why did you go out? I want to see the score right nowww!”


“Huh? Okay, will check”

That’s how I started using Star Sports on my mobile and now I can get live updates on the go!

What’s so special about Star Sports?

Interface – Yes, being a techie myself I love sites with excellent UI. Imagine, yourselves standing in busy crowded T.Nagar and you want to see the live updates, sadly none of your friends reply, and more pathetic is when no one updates score on FB but everyone comes up with memes that confuse you more. In such a situation, starsports.com comes to rescue. With its excellent UI and precise live updates I can now get the feeling of watching cricket even on the move!

How has Star Sports changed the way I view the game?

I am more responsive to going out during matches as I know I can view live updates or can always found an electronic showroom. Also, since the UI is mobile users friendly not much of my data pack charges are consumed, so its IPL anywhere and everywhere – #KannaKeepCalm and watch on!

This post is a part of  Cricket just got better! Activity by starsports.com in association with BlogAdda.com.



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  1. yeah,even my family is addicted to ipl….nd dis season each one of us supporting a team,it got spicy wid a lot of mock,tease nd one for sure flouncing out of the drawing room!loved the knights add a feather to their hat!well,i loved the minute details in the narration,specifically,how v procastinate things,for the sake of cricket!


  2. Right first of all.. let me say I am fan of Kings XI ..

    Now I am thinking will yiu read the rest..or shud I just stop typing..

    From the rest of the teams I support the players rather than the teams.. like Smith from csk. . Yuvraj from rcb. . Finch from srh. . And so on..

    Fingers crossed finals will be kings XI and csk. .

    I am conveniently working from home today as I we have a match on..

    Made me laugh and smile so thanks for that..


  3. ROFL! Creative, very creative!! These things actually do happen!
    And lucky you… you support CSK. My heart stops when RCB is on the field. They are actually living on the edge right now.
    Good luck for the contest. I’m loving the entries for this one.


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