What Stri Writes On Her Diary???

Have you ever written a diary? How do you feel about it now? Do you ever read it? What is your relationship with your diary? #MyDiary

I was skipping IndiSpire Prompts for a while due to excessive workload and today is one of the days I was feeling as if I had some verbal Viagra and I want to keep posting. As I was happily checking out the IndiSpire edition of this week, I heart skipped a beat because this was exactly something I wanted to write about. Read on!

I took a new year resolution this year that I will write diary every single day but then my resolutions lie always “Bhadh mein gaya” (Went to hell/collapsed/backfired). However, I do have written a lot of diary entries since childhood, some preserved safely, some destroyed over time, some shared into stories, and many entries that I could neither save, nor throw away.

What exactly do I write on my diary?

Happy days are alike and each unhappy day is unhappy in its’ own way! ~ My version of the Anna Karenina principle. I am this person who shares happiness in my blog, in FB, with friends, and with anyone. Generally, people say Leo’s problem is whole world’s problem but they are wrong. Leo’s happiness is whole world’s happiness and Leo’s worries even they themselves don’t know it. My happy days’ entries on my diary will be for just few lines and my sad day entries go on for pages together.

How do I feel about writing my diary?

If something that keeps me alive apart from music and chocolates (oh yeah, I love chocolates – do send me some 😛 ) then it is my writing. If  I am taking a break from writing and if you don’t find anything on my blog, FB, or guest posting blogs for consecutive 5 days that means I am in terrible mess and you will find me in nearest hospital or worse I might be dead. So you will now exactly know how I feel about writing and when I love writing blogs this much that means I will love writing diaries even more because I can be more truthful and more expressive as there will be tons of privacy.

Do you ever read it?

After reading a couple of pages, I stop reading my diary because I know that even if I read a page more I will cry. However, today I had gathered strengths to read the diary to write about how it feels.  Finally I finished reading the whole of my diary and here are some excerpts that I have cleverly clicked so that I don’t give away much but still you can read through it to know a little bit more about me.

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What is my relationship with my diary?

After reading the diary I have jotted down few points;

  1. My diary is my best friend and I share all my feelings with it.
  2. I am more truthful and I understand myself more while I write on my journal.
  3. I really can see my whole life in front of me when I read my diary.
  4. I haven’t written on my diary for past 80 days – that’s exactly since the time I went for goa.
  5. It doesn’t mean life wasn’t complicated or I had nothing to share with my diary but I had avoided my best friend (diary) for another best friend.
  6. Again, I am writing a diary entry today. I don’t know why!


Well, I am not going to preach anything or deduce anything. Writing diary helps. Period!

P.S: Reading the diary again doesn’t.

P.P.S: 5 tissues wasted.

Thanks to Narasimha Sharma Veturi – http://www.indiblogger.in/blogger/51146/ – for this beautiful prompt.



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  1. O’ Teri. I can never forget the day when my wife asked casually. ‘Hi honey, where is Pooja these days? If u don’t wanna share you can tell me about Smita, Poonam, Rakhi, Rakshi, xyz, abc, ikj ….

    Or, tell me about Dolly in ur college, u proposed her and she tied a thread on ur wrist.”

    she was speaking lyk hell, and i was tearing the pages of my 18 diaries and giving them to stove’s flames…

    I have realized that I’d made terrible mistake by putting my secrets to my diaries.

    You dont wanna share what u did in college time with ur spouse.



  2. Yes I use to write a diary .. that’s how I got into blogging.. One of my friends suggested since I wrote a diary ..i shud blog..5 years ago..

    Last year I stopped blogging so back to diary it was.. although along with blog.. i use to write in my diary too..

    It has all.my secrets for sure. That’s why all of them are in a locked cupboard. . I do read them especially when I am sad .. rememeber the good old days of college. Friends ..and yes I cry often toooo..


  3. I use to have a diary with a lock as a teenager. Once I even made a code language and wrote in my diary using just those alphabets!!! I guess I needed my diary only to keep my secrets. Now I am more of an open book who shares things with people.

    I find comfort in blogging because it is sort of a diary for me. I write whatever I want to write. So now, diary has become redundant in that aspect as well. Last I wrote was when I was newly married. Whoa.. long time!! Why do I miss it suddenly!

    Oh, this comment makes me realise I can write a whole blog post on it. Great prompt, Stri!


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