Mom, Daughter, Grapes, and Life Lessons!

“This is Ishika, this is Diksha” my 4 year old was talking to someone and I panicked.

“Who are you talking to??” I questioned hastily and Shristi who was talking to grapes replied, “Mom, this grape is Ishika see she is small, this is plump Diksha; these people irritate me so I am throwing them away.”

I saw that she was removing the spoiled grapes from her bowl and named them as Ishika, Diksha, etc; I smiled at her cleverness clubbed innocence but the mom in me marched forward and said, “It’s wrong to hate people.”

“I don’t hate them mom, if they drain happiness out of our lives they should be removed from our lives.”

This mother’s day I realized that, at times, our kids teach us life lessons through their childish acts.



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  1. Kids at times utter such words of wisdom through their innocence. Cute! 🙂 But at this rate I might have to throw a large number of grapes. 😉


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