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I am proud to let you all know that I survived lived the AtoZ Challenge – Yeah, I am one of the many proud survivors of the AtoZ Challenge but then I prefer to say that I lived the challenge more than saying it as surviving. Here’s me proudly displaying my survivor badge – clicking on the badge will take you to the AtoZChallenge page.

survivor-atoz [2014]


The Master Mind Behind AtoZChallenge?

Arlee Bird – who blogs at

All the names mentioned have their blog links listed below! Sorry for not hyperlinking!

Why I participated?

I am part of this online blogging community called Write Tribe initiated by Corinne. I came to know about the blogging challenge from that site and I enrolled just because it sounded too good. As I blog daily I thought blogging in AtoZ will not be a big deal. Thus, I just enrolled and kept cool till March 16.

The Theme Reveal!

As it was the first time I didn’t know what I should do and what I shouldn’t. All of a sudden I heard that there can be a theme for the blogging or there may not be a theme at all. So, I picked my brains and came up with this beautiful theme of IDIOMS – as I am primarily a person who writes only about stories, fiction, etc. I preferred to make a short story with 26 snippets that has 26 idioms as chapter and that’s how “Those Three Little Words” came into action – What started as a guessing game is now a fully completed Romantic Thriller.

What I learnt?

I am mainly thankful to Shailaja who blogs at Diary of a Doting Mom because she was the one who told me to keep my ear on the ground so that I could understand the challenge and get the basics right. Without her, I don’t think I would have survived the challenge with this much ease.

I had a gut feeling that my story would go awry and people might hate it but then my three blogging besties Vishal, Nibha, Swati always held my back and they encouraged me that I am indeed penning a beautiful story.

I kept dragging my feet about writing the posts and I was procrastinating a lot but then my then-office colleagues (now, I moved to a different job) motivated me to write in every single free time I got. Thanks guys!

A big thanks to my family and my BFFs – my sis, my kids (my nephew and niece – they are more like my own), my bro, and my parents – because I neglected them, I didn’t pick their calls, they adjusted with my odd working hours and still were able to see eye to eye about this challenge. Being non-bloggers they did understand way too much.

A big hug to myself because “I am my most favorite” 😛 – Since, I chose idioms as theme I learnt a lot of new idioms.

The Ordeals!

Internet Connection – I changed 3 internet connections BSNL wired-AIRTEL Wi-Fi-BSNL Wi-Fi because of poor service and I had egg on my face when all the three of them failed pathetically and finally I ended up adjusting with BSNL Wi-Fi

PC Crash – My sweet PC finally died after 6 years of serving me loyally so I got struck with this pathetic laptop (it’s cute and it’s red) but nothing can beat the P.C nah… Anyways, thanks to my DELL & Sony VAIO laptop for being there through the challenge.

Sun God – Damn, I literally fought with sun twice “Sun you are too high” & “My break up with Sunny” – still sun was too bad on me throughout the April. I got a real kick in the teeth when I was almost hospitalized twice in April with multiple complications due to Sun. I am glad that the Sun is soft on us currently.

The Loves!

I joined a secret FB group – Sh!!!! That’s where I met 70+ lovely bloggers who were also part of this challenge. They showered consist love on me throughout the challenge. It would be unfair if I don’t list their blog links here, so bear with me here goes the links!

NAME  Blog URL  
Rebeccah Giltrow
Aditi Kaushiva
Amrit Rukhaiyaar
Amy Griffith Fenner
Anuprabha Venugopal
Aparna Ghose Adhikari
Archana K B
Arlee Bird
Arpita Mudit
Belinda Reger Arun
Beloo Mehra
Bhavya Nandakumar aka Ishithaa
Carol Graham
Carrie~Anne Foster
Cathy Graham
Corinne Rodrigues
Cristina Trinidad
Damaria Senne
Damyanti Biswas
Danny Simon
Debbie “Doglady”
Doreen McGettigan
dxb nidblog
Eli E Zachariadis
Gauri Kekre
Genevive Angela
Guilie Castillo-Oriard
Ida Chiavaro
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal
Jayanta Tewari
Jyothi Nair
Kajal Kapur
Karen Smith
Kathy Combs
Kripali Kulkarni
Laurel Regan
Loni Townsend
Mary Hill
Mary Hill
Meena Menon
Monica Deshpande htttp://
Nabanita Dhar
Nibha Gupta
Nicole Pyles
Nisha Punjabi
Pheno Menon (Pravin)
Prasanna Rao
Preetilata Sarkar
Prudhvi Latha
Psych Babbler
Richa Singh
Sfurti Sinha
Shailaja V
Shalini R
Sheethal Susan Jacob
shesha Chaturvedi
Shilpa Garg
Shine Kapoor
Sitara Nair
Sreeja Praveen
Sugandha Agrawal
Sulekha Rawat
Sunila Vig
Suzy Que
Swathi Shenoy
Tulika Singh/obsessivemom
Usha Menon
Vidya Sury


What’s WOW about the Challenge?

  1. Increase in number of blog visitors from various countries and continents.
  2. Increase in number of page hits, shares, likes, and comments.
  3. Meeting a lot of ace bloggers virtually and learning a lot of things.
  4. Making new blogger friends.
  5. Learning a lot by reading almost 70 blogs per day (knowledge gain)
  6. Improvement in my stamina level of reading and writing.

What’s OOPS?

  1. 2000+ odd blogs and I couldn’t visit more than 60% of them. So, I prefer to get the blogs classified into 20-25 groups based on themes so that similar category themed people can mingle well and make every Sunday to visit other blogs.

Well, I am done with the reflections post!

~Linking this to AtoZ Reflections & Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt.

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

Stay in Love Always,


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  1. Enjoyed your story through the AtoZ and such a nice way to end the challenge.and so clever to weave the WT prompt into this post. Thanks for the mention. Agree with our OOPs


  2. Congratulations Porthos!! You surely did everything in style! I am so happy to have found you here! *hugs*

    I hope Mr-Sunny is easy on you and you are taking good care of yourself now!! 🙂


  3. This challenge helpmed me meet my partners in crime aramis n Porthos 🙂 😀 It was nice reading your posts sri 🙂 Congratulations n cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. congrats on finishing it all and that isa long list of bloggers 🙂

    and right is the title life is to live for sure and heres to all the living ..
    thanks to the challenge I got to come here too 🙂


  5. Love the way you have clubbed the Wednesday prompt with the Reflections post! I seem to be coming across a lot of interesting blogs much after the challenge is over.
    Nice to hear about all of you bonding much before the A to Z Challenge.I joined in almost 12 days late in the challenge coz I got to know about it late.But yet the whole experience was worth it 🙂


  6. Well done SRI – i so enjoyed following your nerve wrecking story of the Greek god:-9 (u had me on that one)And the twists and the turns – sooo addicted!! Yay for you ,and it was great fun doing the challenge together:-) Popping by again -for sure! Big hugs


  7. Aah…a creative mix of two things happening here, Sri 🙂 Idioms and more Idioms! A cool reflection post, written in your unique style. Congrats girl for completing the challenge in such style. And thanks for the mention 🙂


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