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Matrix is salon based hair styling and hair care products brand founded in 1980 by American hairdresser Amie Miller. Matrix is well-known salon as well as salon based hair care product manufacturers. Most of the salons in India use the Matrix based products for the hair treatments or hair based services.

You can visit the Matrix Salon Store over here: Matrix
You can check the Matrix India Products Store over here: Matrix India

Matrix Biolage is the new range of hair care products by the Matrix series which has skillfully crafted the natural products alongside other ingredients to give a natural shine and strength to your hair. There are a variety of Biolage Shampoos and Conditioners and you can pick the apt one for you by taking this quiz – Biolage Quiz.

The products, I am reviewing today are Matrix Biolage colorcare thérapié shampoos and conditioners which are specifically designed for the artificially colored hair. This particular pair of products has the enriched content of orchids along with UV filter complex that protects your hair even in summer. Also, these products are PARABEN Free.

Matrix Biolage Colorcare Therapie
Matrix Biolage Colorcare Therapie

What’s Wow?
1. Very little quantity is sufficient and the shampoo lathers well even in hard water.
2. It has a pleasant smell that stays all day long.
3. The color is protected very well and this is one of the best shampoos that enhance the radiance of the colored hair.
4. The conditioner gives a smooth texture and exceptionally brilliant shine to the hair.

What’s Oops?
1. The hair gets little rough after a day or two of hair wash.
2. The shine and smoothness stays only for a day at the maximum, thus the hair needs to be washed daily which is not feasible for colored hair.



Shampoo – Ingredients

Rate: Rs. 355 for 400ml



Conditioner - Ingredients
Conditioner – Ingredients

Rate: Rs. 160 for 98g

Rating: 3/5

After Usage Results:

1 month repeated usage on colored hair
1 month repeated usage on colored hair

The color is retained and the radiance is enhanced but the hair looks smooth only on the day of hair wash, the next day it looks dry and rough.

Will I recommend this product? Yes, if you can also use a smoothness protect serum or colorcare thérapié (will be reviewed later) masque alongside it

Will I use it? No, once my colored hair wears out I will stop using this product.

Where to buy it?
Offline: Salons where you have colored your hair.
Online: &

What are the other Biolage Varieties?

P.S: Although this is a salon only hair care product it is listed under Essentials’ Reviews Category because of the fact that these color protect based products are used widely as an essential day to day utility by majority of women especially the 30+ category.

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