My Break-Up With Sunny

Dear Sunny,

It's a BA-WOW Post Winner
It’s a BA-WOW Post Winner

I am hereby writing this letter to you to state that I want to break-up with you. Yeah, you read it right! I want a bloody break-up. I am really fed up with your chauvinistic behavior and above all your arrogant attitude. Do you remember the days when you used to be super good and super cool to me? Yeah, those were the days when I sang “Stay, Stay, Stay – I have been loving you for quite some time time time…” but then now I regret my decision that I loved you. My mom used to tell that, “Love fades away in course of time”, and apparently it is true in our case. Now all I could sing is “I know you were trouble when you walked in, shame on me now!” and especially, I pause and repeat this particular line, “You never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything – hey!!” Yeah, I know you are arrogant with everyone and sadly if you don’t change that behavior you will have to be FOREVER ALONE!

Do you remember, those dark, creepy days when I yearned for you and wished that you hug me with your benevolent arms and shower happiness on me? Do you remember those days when I allowed you to kiss me all over my face and on my lips? All those were beautiful times, you were hot, smart, had a little attitude problem but you were soft towards me. There was some love, affection, and humanity then and it has completely vanished now. Remember a couple of months back in Goa?? How much I yearned for you and how happy you were to see me in beachwear? You cuddled the whole of me with your embracing arms and showered so much pleasantries *blush blush* Where are all those now Sunny? Is this your true nature? If you give me hickeys, I can slyly sport it around but you have given me scars on my face. How dare you could do that?? Still, I composed myself and loved you. I tried to remove and hide those scars thinking that you will change but you didn’t. The final straw came in when I was hospitalized because of your brutal attack on me. That’s it – It’s over Sunny! We are done. Goodbye forever.

Now that I broke up with you, I know that I will try to shut myself inside my cozy room and will not show my face to you for few days but then I know I can’t survive without you! You are my salvation. I hate to say it, but yes you are my salvation – So please show some mercy on me and be more bearable and less scorching.

Having said that, convey my regards to Loony Moon, Shining Stars, and the other planets. By the way, please attend anger management classes dear Sun, and be merciful on us!



This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

“The heat this summer is unbearable. Here’s your chance to write a witty letter to the Sun God/Goddess convincing him/her to go a little easy on us.”

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  1. Just too good!! Anger management classes!! LOL! Seriously needed! 😛 Your post actually made think, what happened!! 😛

    P.S- Equally harassed by this “Sunny” 😛


  2. You, mischievous girl!! You want the sun to be always soft on you???? btw, poor sun.. seems that he had hid beneath the clouds, embarassed..:( and well, aim achieved BA team 😉


  3. That word ‘Sunny’ and I knew it was for BA’s WOW!
    You’re gonna bag a WOW! for this one, sure Sri! 🙂


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