Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 3

Karthik - Aaradhana
Karthik – Aaradhana

“Aaradhana”, Karthik called out in a frightened voice.


“Why has all your clocks stopped at 3AM sharp? That’s spooky!”

“I haven’t changed batteries in any of them, stupid.”

He left smilingly; little did he know that my clocks were indeed spooky.



1. Written for Yeah Write – Gargleblaster 159 – 42 words Micro Fiction

2. This is written as a part of Karthik – Aaradhana Snippets


~ Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. Wonder why Karthik did not realise that all clocks do not stop at just one given time nor do they need not require a battery change together. Looks like he too is under Aradhana’s spell.


  2. That’s beyond creepy. Reminds me of this one scary movie I can’t think of, where all the clocks stopped at some time early in the morning.


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