TRESemmé – SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo+Conditioner – Stri’s Review

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I am glad to be back with a lovely review for TRESemmé – SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo+Conditioner product. I was in for a sweet surprise when I received this fabulous gift pack from IndiBlogger and Hindustan Unilever Ltd last week. This is part of an IndiContest wherein the TRESemmé free samples were interested fashion bloggers for an unbiased review.

TRESemmé – SPLIT REMEDY Shampoo+Conditioner Gift Bag

Firstly, before going into the details of this particular product let me give you a brief explanation about the TRESemmé brand. TRESemmé is a very well-known and reputed hair care products brand that was started as early as 1947 in the United States. TRESemmé – is the French word for well-loved (trés-aimé). This was started as salon-only products and for long since then it was available to be used only in salons. Recently, this was taken over by Unilever in 2010 and is now available for retail purchase by everyone.

Check their official website: TRESemmé Official

Check their FB Page (India): TRESemmé India FB Fan Page

You can order TRESemmé products online: TRESemmé –

Stri’s take on the TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE Shampoo and Conditioner:



The amino vitamin based shampoo is very gentle on the hair, be it dry, frizzy hair or oily hair this one suits all hair types. The shampoo is gentle on scalp and hair and effective for daily usage. This is primarily designed to repair split ends without need for trimming your hair.


Some of the positives of this shampoo are as follows;

  1. Visible reduction of split ends in just 3-5 washes.
  2. It gives a perfect salon look as they say. Unlike other shampoos that wear out after 3-4 hours, this one gives a salon look for whole day.
  3. The shampoo doesn’t change the color of your hair (normal and colored hair) – most shampoos don’t retain your original hair color however TRESemmé retains the original hair color. Most shampoos change my hair color to light brown from dark brown but with this shampoo I feel my hair color hasn’t changed.
  4. It is gentle on hair therefore it is perfect for daily usage.
  5. A perfect fragrance that lasts all day long.


There aren’t any significant negatives in this product.




The perfect companion to the TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE shampoo is the amino vitamin SPLIT RESCUE conditioner. This fluid based conditioner is easy to use and has a pleasant odor that keeps your hair fresh, smooth, and pleasant.


  1. Gives a velvety smooth texture to your hair and maintains the texture all day long.
  2. Easy to use and the conditioner doesn’t stick on to the bottle like other conditioners.
  3. Perfect salon finish without even a need for serum or leave-on.
  4. Fresh and pleasant odor that will make heads turn when you enter a room.


There aren’t any significant negatives in this product.



What I liked in TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE?

  1. Very little quantity is enough for usage.
  2. Lathers well even in hard water.
  3. Comfortable travel friendly size that fits into my toiletries kit.
  4. My split ends were reduced significantly within 5 washes.
  5. I could see results since Wash 1.

What I didn’t like about TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE?

  1. The shampoo has Sulfate content.

Does Stri Recommend TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE Shampoo + Conditioner?

Definitely, it’s worth a buy!

See visible reduction of split ends on my hair in the picture below:



TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE Shampoo – Rs. 80 for 90ml

TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE Conditioner – Rs. 80 for 90ml

Star Rating:


Other users’ reviews:

Some of my friends who got these products from IB or via Amazon got something to say;

It gives my hair a parlor finish and it is good for colored hair like mine” says Shristi, a marketing professional.

My colored hair looks livelier after using this and thanks to TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE that I don’t have to trim my already short hair to chop off those split ends” says Payal, a freelance editor and a mom of two.

TRESemmé SPLIT RESCUE is good for my frizzy hair and looks fab when I have to go for parties, my split ends are reduced and I will use this regularly”, says a school student.

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