Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 2

Karthik - Aaradhana
Karthik – Aaradhana

“Why are you dull?” Karthik asked.
“I am not” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“Aaradhana, you can never lie to me. Do you know it?” he questioned by raising one of his thick eyebrows. I gazed at his face for more than a single moment and turned away.
“Eye contact” he said sternly.
“I don’t know why but I feel upset”, I said looking into his eyes.
“Don’t give that ‘I-Don’t-Know-Why’ story to me, I won’t buy it” he said as a matter of fact.
“Okay, see I hate this female.”
“You seem to hate many females, which particular one are you talking about?” he asked. His charismatic eyes overpowered me; I succumbed to it and started to rant about the nosy Sanjana and how conflicting her behaviour is to me.
“So you hate her because you feel that she conflicts your opinion on almost everything?” he quizzed. I nodded.
“How exactly are you reacting to her now?” he quizzed further.
“Hmmm… I … Err” I hesitated.
“You are not reacting to her, you are thinking about it and confusing yourself” he said as if reading my mind.
“But then…”
“Next time if someone conflicts you listen, if you feel they are profound else don’t give a damn to them even if it is me, Aaradhana”
I generally rant, confuse, and over think about conflicting situations but then Karthik’s way of handling conflicts was simpler and easier.


1. Linked to Daily Prompt – Showdown at Big Sky

2. This is written as a part of Karthik – Aaradhana Snippets


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