Ride With The Tide – AToZ Challenge 2014 – Day18

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#AtoZChallenge - Idioms - @Sri_Indrasenan
A Guessing Game!

“What is her problem with Police, Laya?”

“My dad was a policeman and he died in service.”

“That happens every other day! Everyone dies someday or other.”

“She feels that it isn’t a safe job.”

“What is a safe job then? Sitting in home? Even then the guy may die of heart attack.”

“Chill please be calm. She is the only one I have. We need to convince her!”

“Here I am trying my best to service the public and the public see us as some aliens. Great, let  me be a bachelor forever.”

“Keshav, this is nothing new. We already were expecting this reply nah?”


“We should learn to ride with the tide!

“That means you won’t marry me without your mom’s permission?”


“Good. Fine” he scorned.

Laya moved closed to him and kissed him on his neck. He giggled.


“You are short Laya. Even while standing on your heels you get to kiss only my neck”

“I am not short, you are too tall”

“Oh really?”

He lifted her and her lips were exactly on his; he whispered without moving his lips from hers

“What if your mom says a NO, no matter what?”

“Please, that doesn’t mean I will marry someone else. We will wait for her acceptance. I hope we will get some new ideas”


To be continued…. If you have missed the prequels then do read it from here.


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I am S(t)ri



  1. I jus love the chapter after the line “We should learn to ride with the tide!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 awesome yo are!! 🙂


  2. Love is in the air. They will find a solution. Silly mom,standing in the way of love.
    May be her friend will help.


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