Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 1


It's a BA-WOW Post Winner
It’s a BA-WOW Post Winner
Karthik - Aaradhana
Karthik – Aaradhana

“Karthik, shall we leave?” I asked him. “Give me two minutes Aaradhana, I will file this one story” he responded without looking at me. The 2 minutes wait became 25 minutes and finally when we left to the lift, the lights went off. His phone was dead and with the pathetic illumination from my Lumia we took the stairs. After climbing two floors down, I noticed that he was not there. Quite quietly I felt heavy deep breaths surrounding me. “Karthik, Karthik” I yelled. “Happy birthday Idiot” screamed his virile voice and I hugged him in fretfulness filled with happiness.


Note from the Author:

1. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

You finish filing your work and are ready to leave for home. As soon as you reach the lift, the lights in the building go off. What happens next?

2. Also linked to Write Tribe – Saturday Drabble – Fiction Quite Quietly

3. This is written as a part of Karthik – Aaradhana Snippets – Which will be featured periodically in this blog!


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