12 Things Only A Brother With Elder Sister Will Have To Face!

Hi Folks,

If you have are a guy with an elder sister(s) then you can very well correlate with these… Read on!


1. If you ever have a common bathroom at your house or accidentally had to use your sister’s bathroom then you have to face this…

2. Unlike other guys you at least know that Teal, Peach, and even Mauve are names of colors because you would have heard these often.


3. At times you would be struck up in this situation.

Man holding clothes by a changing room
4. And at times like this too πŸ˜‰

5. Pink phone case, purple earphones, red bags, and even lavender pumps are no stranger to you as your house is flooded with all possible colors already.

6. You get to eat extra slice or serving of pizza, poori, cheese macroni, chocolate etc because they shift it to your plate fearing weight gain.

7. You can always witness this, all over the house and you get one and a half of everything as your sister will eat only half.

8. Without DSLR, without photography course you will already excel in fashion photography because she is the all-time model πŸ˜› who wants you click her pic daily.

9. You already know what and what not to gift a girl πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ You have seen so many birthdays of hers…

10. At times you feel like as if you committed a sin because


11. However at times you feel confident about yourself because


12. Finally, you always have to face this – She is your second mom!

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  1. It was the other way round this side of the relationship.
    Younger sister to an elder brother.
    Enjoyed reading, Sri! πŸ™‚


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