Left In The Dark – AToZ Challenge 2014 – Day12

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#AtoZChallenge - Idioms - @Sri_Indrasenan
A Guessing Game!

Laya walked back to her cabin and she felt as if she was left in the dark. There was something that Pooja was hiding from her. However, she strongly believed that it was just her imagination and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her best friend.

She tried to concentrate on better things like, taking leave from work for a day or two. She quickly applied for leave in the leave requisition system. She was tired and she badly needed a break. She thought of taking leave on Friday but taking a leave in the middle of the week is lovelier than an extended vacation.

She called Keshav and surprisingly he attended the call immediately however he said, “I am in middle of an important case. I will call you in a while dear.”

After almost 4 hours he called. This was problem with the policemen, their “in a while” generally goes on for hours or even days.


“Yes princess.”

“Can we go out somewhere tomorrow?”

“Sorry dear. I am busy as a beaver for next two days.”

“Err. Okies. I understand.”

“Are you angry?”

“No, I understand your situation” she said genuinely.

“This is what I love in you, you understand me a lot.”

“Hmmm… Only this you love?”

“Well, there are other things too. I have to go now. Take care okay?”

After the call ended with a beep sound again she was left in the dark. Was Keshav avoiding her?


To be continued…. If you have missed the prequels then do read it from here.


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  1. Couldn’t read any posts at all yday. And I was dying to know Laya’s story!! What ll I do when I leave for vacation!! 😦 Please let her know the truth!!!! 😦


  2. “In a while” is truly subjective. Also, “just around the corner.” My sister-in-law is from L.A. … and when I first met her, her idea of around the corner was much different from mine. They would drive for miles to go “around the corner.”

    Nice passage!


  3. I am wondering how will she find out about both of them! (I have written a fiction long back (have planned to post it after az), this story seems to be its prequel! )
    I really want to find out people’s reason for committing these sins!


  4. I missed the prequels Sri! Been crazy busy for the last couple of days. Tell you what, I will visit when possible, but make an ebook of this once the challenge ends. Will read the whole thing aaram se at that time 🙂


  5. Hey, we’re also left in the dark, at least till the next dose comes up tomorrow 🙂 Good going, Stri 🙂


  6. aah i wonder wen poor laya will find out the truth!! once u r done with the 26 posts, am going read them all again in one go!


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