Keen as Mustard – AToZ Challenge 2014 – Day11

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#AtoZChallenge - Idioms - @Sri_Indrasenan
A Guessing Game!

Next day at the hospital, Laya marched straight to Pooja’s cabin.

“Pooja, what have you been upto?”

“Huh?” asked Pooja without looking up from her patient’s mouth that was wide open now.

“You have been busy for past 2-3 days and you are not talking properly to me.”

“You are the one busy with your Police”.

“But looks like you are the committed one, always busy.”

Pooja laughed and said, “I wish I was committed.”

“Okay, leave that. I don’t even know if he loves me the way I do.”

Laya’s statement fell on deaf ears as there was no response from Pooja.

“Where have you been over the weekend? I am keen as mustard. Now spill the beans.”

“Okay, I am seeing this one guy, I was away with him. I will tell you the details later.”


To be continued…. If you have missed the prequels then do read it from here.


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I am S(t)ri


  1. I just went back and caught up on your posts. Wow, this is a great series you’ve got going on. I love Laya’s character and I really hope her heart isn’t broken. Wonderful. Happy A to Z.


  2. More interesting by the day! 🙂 I’m thinking Baazigar…I’m thinking psychotic personality or could be plain and simple two timing by Keshav. Who knows.?Only Sri and she won’t tell! 😉


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