Just In Nick Of Time – AToZ Challenge 2014 – Day10

Hi Folks,


“Hey, thank god. You picked my call.”

“Sorry dear, was really held up!”

“I am just a mile away from your house.”

“Huh?” exclaimed Keshav in disgust.

“What? You are not in home?”

“Well, yeah. Even I am nearing my home. How about meeting you in the nearby Pizza Hut in… like 30 minutes?”

“Hmmm, sitting in your couch, talking to you while sipping the coffee you make will be comfortable.”

“Okay, we will soon but today I have to rush to commissioner’s office back in an hour. We will catch up for a quick brunch?”

“Today is Sunday but…”

“Darling, I am a policeman.”

He disconnected the call and rolled his eyes at Pooja who was sitting on his couch and sipping coffee.

She gave an evil grin and said, “escaped just in nick of time!”

“Yeah, go back safely. I will go and meet her.”



To be continued…. If you have missed the prequels then do read it from here.


Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. I am curious to find out his reasons for cheating her, and why pooja is involved! Why they both are conspiring against her?
    P.S. Beautiful DP 🙂


  2. ok now! I had read a post couple of days ago and nothing made sense….but today I began reading from day one and 11 posts in a go made me understand the story and get hooked to it…now too sad I am doing it on 11th day, I will now keep waiting for more.
    Sorry i didnt comment on each post but i was too intrigued to stop and comment. You don’t mind I hope.
    and if you have written and scheduled your post, can I please get a sneak peak 😉 can’t wait at this twist (maybe special privilege for longest comment)


    • Ha ha ha ha!!! That seriously make me smile!!! I am glad that you loved the story. It’s okay that you didn’t stop by at other posts.. this comment made my day!! 🙂 As of sneak peek well, I think I can club the whole thing and mail you at the end of the series 🙂


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