Escape to Happiness!!!

It's a Wrap!
It’s a Wrap!

“Are you free this weekend?” he asked.

“Yeah. I guess so” I texted back.

“Shall we go for a movie?”

The most awesome part about being single is you are single. No rules, no restrictions, no commitments, and above all you can be just friends with all the handsome (read: sapiosexual) guys out there.

“Yeah, sure! Why not?” I responded

“Good. Which movie you want to watch?”

“Anything with a good review!”

“Okies, I will book the tickets!”

“Make sure, it is Escape Cinemas, EA.”

“Err… Why? Why not any other theater?”

“I want to watch only in Escape Cinemas. DOT”

“You are a kid Stri. There are so many theaters out there.”

“Escape, escape, escape”

“Ok dear. I will try my best to book for a movie in your Escape Cinemas.”

Well, anyone who has watched a movie with me would be familiar with this conversation. Yeah, ‘Escape cinemas’ is my favourite theater in the city.

One might ask me what is so intriguing about this particular theater; I won’t say that I have a lot of reasons and real life experiences that made me love this theater to the core on the contrary, I love this theater because it is so pleasant and I never had even a single reason to not love it!

Ambiance: Be it a cinema hall, restaurant, home, or even a place for make out ( 😛 ) ambiance is the first criteria for me. I can’t seriously sit in a dark enclosed space for like 3 full hours and just watch the screen with zero comfort. In Escape Cinemas, the second branch of Satyam Cinemas, the ambiance is super cool. It has 8 screens viz. Plush, Blush, Weave, Spot, Streak, Fame, Kites, and Carve with interior designs matching the screen’s name. My favorite is Kites and Carves but I do love all 8 of them more or less equally. In addition to the breath taking interiors, the comfy cushion seats (whoa, the couple seats – although I always end up going with a friend, brother, or sister 😛 *sighs*), and also the wide screen, hi-fi sound system (I am poor in these electronic techie terms *phew*), and the only theater where I felt the air conditioning was perfect for me (yeah, I am too sensitive. Even a slight variation in the air conditioning will make me sweat or shiver and thankfully this theater has the consistent air conditioning throughout the show). Take a sneak peek at the interiors of some of these lovely screens!!

Food: Being a foodie, I love my food and I respect it! What’s the fun in watching a movie if you don’t get to munch some lovely popcorns and French fries? The cafeteria in Escape is split into Loaf (Sandwiches – I love the sandwiches they make *drooling* ), Grill (Hot Food – for all you French fries lovers 😉 ), Mix (Chaat – mouth-watering delicacies), Chill (Ice creams – to beat the heat). Yeah, it is troublesome to shuttle from here to there to here to buy the items but then when ordered in prior, they do serve coming to our seats.

Rates: This meme below says it all 😛 😀

Chennai - Escape!!
Chennai – Escape!!

What else? Apart from all these, what else is the speciality of Escape Cinemas that make me fall head over heels with it? Well, the restaurant ‘dine’ and the yummy briyanis they serve is something that shouldn’t be missed. Apart from that there is puff – the smoke zone, click – the internet area, play – the gaming arena, and of course my favourite flip – the library. What I generally do on a boring weekday afternoon is to grab my favourite book from the Starmark beneath or pick one of the coffee table books from the flip and order a cappuccino and sit back in the flip and relax.

That's Me In  The Escape Cinemas
That’s Me In The Escape Cinemas

What movies have I watched in Escape? Literally every movie that I watched after 2011 was in this theater. From the melodramatic Deivathirumagal to the peppy Chennai Express, from the 2011 release Mangatha to the recent Captain America, all the movies I ever watched was from this theater. Well, yeah I did watch few movies in other theaters due to unavoidable circumstances (like houseful in Escape, or nagging friends) but then if I liked the movie, I watched it again in Escape Cinemas. Call me crazy, still I will love this theater for my movie viewing experience grew with this theater.

A Snippet from my personal experience: It was August 10, 2013 morning – A day after the release of Chennai Express in India and 3 days after my birthday; I was glad that my birthday celebrations went on and on till the weekend. It was a 9:00 AM special show and thanks to my lovely brothers we reached at almost 9:10 and we searched for the tickets in our bags for another 5 minutes and at 9:15 AM we finally went into the theater. Men complain about how women take time to get ready, in my house it is always the other way round. No, my brothers don’t stand in front of mirror and set their hair for 10 minutes, they stand in front of mirror, spray deodorant, set their hair, reset their hair, re-reset their hair for 30 minutes *phew*. Well, we finally made it to our seats and we saw Sharukh extend his arms out from the train and DDLJ song lingering in the BGM and we were all like “DDLJ Part 2” :O and we gasped too loud that the whole theater stopped watching SRK and turned to look at us! Well, indeed we were in auto-tickler mode that we were laughing at our own jokes all through the movie and gathered quite a lot of accusing stares but then this one is my favourite and memorable experience with the theater.

~This post is written as a part of the “Blog Contest – Cinema Theater Day”.

P.S. Thanks to friend and fellow blogger Bragz who blogs at Prasanna’s Ramblings for roping me into this lovely contest!

Love & Cheers,


I am Stri


  1. I am not a huge movie fan though now, I believe the ones churned out are not that great. But honestly yes being single I do believe is a great idea 😀



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