Eye Candy – AToZ Challenge 2014 – Day5

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#AtoZChallenge - Idioms - @Sri_Indrasenan
A Guessing Game!

They came out of the CCD in vain. Laya angrily stormed into her cabin and shouted, “We are wasting time, and maybe he is not the one.”

“Excuse me”, she heard an alluring masculine voice.

Both Pooja and Laya turned towards the direction from which the voice came and Laya was awestruck.

“Dr. Laya, may I have a minute or two with you?”

“Huh? Yeah!”, she gestured at Pooja to leave who promptly obeyed.

“Yes, tell me Mr…” stammered Laya in utter bewilderment.

“Mr. Keshav Krishnan. DCP, Chennai”.


“Deputy Commissioner of Police.”

“Oh, sit down sir.”

“Laya, please. No sir or any other formalities please. Call me as Keshav.”

“Yeah okay sir, err Keshav. How may I help you?”

“Well, on the contrary I have helped you by finding you, and standing in front of you. Now help me, by coming out for a coffee with me.”


“Don’t tell me that I didn’t do anything to your mind and heart since last Monday. I know you checked me out, and it was more than checking out.”


“To be frank, until that man started shouting I was gazing at you. You were an eye candy in the whole coffee shop.”

“Even you are” Laya couldn’t believe what she was telling but she was telling the truth.


To be continued…. If you have missed the prequels then do read it from here.


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  1. In Hindi we have a saying – aag barabar lagi hui hai dono taraf (loosely translated as – fire of passion is going strong on both sides…something like that!) This is getting very interesting now, Srilakshmi 🙂


  2. That’s an interesting and totally unexpected twist!! So HE found HER and sadly, he wasn’t an axe murderer after all..curiouser and curiouser…where will it go from here? Do tell, Sri.


  3. Omg!! This wasn’t expected! I ❤ you for this one!! Can't wait for next.. but my sixth sense is smelling something fishy!! oops! Idiom! 😛 😀
    Am I right?


  4. Ouuu – now we have some action here! Itll be interesting to see how this goes… Ha ha eye candy – love that expression:-) .-) Way to go!


    • Hey, It is quite simple! I always use a lotta idioms in my day to day life. Idioms are my cup of tea! So writing this story was simple and comfortable!


  5. oh wow!! now this is some thing 🙂 am feeling like i have found my own dream guy 😀 though i wonder where keshava popped up from suddenly, out of the blue 😉 c d effect of ur novel.. i hav started talkin in idioms 😀


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