Achilles’ heel – Day1 AtoZ Challenge 2014

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Before going to the post I have a few things to say;

1. Since I will be busy blog hopping for the whole April Month the Blog Novels, IndiSpire, and other contest related posts are paused. I will be back with a bang by May.

2. The following is a continuous story i.e each story is interconnected and you can read whole set here (gets updated each day of April).

3. My theme is Idioms and I have picked some idioms which blend well with the main scene of my story!

4. The story is set in Chennai, India and in the year 2014.

5. For ease of reading, all posts will be limited from 100 to 300 words.



#AtoZChallenge - Idioms - @Sri_Indrasenan
A Guessing Game!

Laya was feeling low; her mother had been nagging her for quite some time to get married. Arranged marriage was not exactly her cup of tea but does she have any option? Love – She should have done it long back, very long back when she was busy preparing for AIIMS, when she was busy in topping exams, when she was busy in getting into Chennai’s well reputed hospital as the youngest chief surgeon. Now, it’s too late!

Her thoughts were disturbed by commotion; she looked up from her Kappi Nirvana and looked into the direction of commotion. A NRI (or so did he look) was fighting with the café staff for not using forceps to pick the ice cube. He was so loud and noisy, it seemed like even after repeated apology the boisterous man didn’t stop creating nuisance.

Suddenly, like a Greek God a handsome and charismatic man got up from his seat and tried to do peacemaking. However, all his efforts seemed to have gone in vain in front of this old man who was now abusing the staffs very vulgarly. *Crack* came a loud noise which was when this charismatic guy had given a tight slap to the bossy and chaotic problem creator.

For the first time, very first time Laya’s whole inner peace shattered and she realized that she too had Achilles’ heel like any other girl in form of a guy. “He is the one”, her mind said.

<<to be continued>>


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