My Eerie Experiments With The Oujja Board!

Oujja - Face The Consequences!
Oujja – Face The Consequences!

The CIE (Continous Internal Examinations) are a painful process. It is similar to someone forcibly feeding you stale spinach. My friends and I were sitting in our room and trying very hard to concentrate on our respective boring books. I stared at the watch at it was 10 minutes to midnight. One of my friends made Maggi and we happily ate it. The clock ticked to 12 and one of my friends yawned loudly giving us all a mild heart attack since her yawn was the only sound apart from the ramblings of the ceiling fan. She said she will call it a night and go to her room to sleep. Slowly, 4 of them left and 3 of us were still studying, to be precise trying hard to study.

“It’s boring”, I exclaimed.

“Same here; I don’t understand anything in irrigation engineering” my roommate complained.

“I think I might doze off if I keep reading this crap.”

“Let’s try something interesting for a while so that our drowsiness goes away.”

“Like?” I and my friend questioned in unison.

“Like calling the spirits…”

“Errr” we said.

“Like calling the ghosts!!”

I could see my friend shiver as my roommate mentioned the word ghosts.

“I don’t believe in them. Even if they exist how on earth are we going to call them?”

My friend got up and said, “It’s not funny, you both. Freaks! You girls are freaks. I am going to my room. Good night and stop talking about that…”

She left without another word and I wondered what made her to be so pissed off, after all we spoke about ghosts not some threesome lesbian sex.

“She is such a behen-ji (a naïve girl), ain’t she?” asked my roomie.

“Yeah, chuck it. So tell me, do you think ghosts exist?”

“Of course they do. I read somewhere in urban legend that when you comb your hair in front of the mirror at midnight then you are inviting evil spirits to you house.”

“Oh! Haven’t we ever combed in midnight before?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Let’s try!”

We went and stood in front of the large dressing room mirror. As I switched on the lights it started flickering in a timely manner. “They didn’t fix this thing yet?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Looks so.”

We ignored the light and I removed the clutch from my hair. My hip length wavy hair fell graciously on my shoulders and bosoms.

“I love your hair a lot”.

“Hmmm” I said.

I took a comb and started to comb my hair slowly, very slowly. We looked around, nothing seemed to change. I continued for two more minutes, this time I combed hair at a faster pace. Still nothing. After 4 minutes I gave up and said, “Screw you and your theory!”

“Maybe ghosts got afraid of us and went off” she said and giggled.

“Agree with me. There are no ghosts!”

“I will agree but before that we will have one last try in calling them.”


“The Oujja Board”


“Remember the board which you won at this year’s college carnival?”

“Yeah, it was such a waste. They gave off that antique board to us for winning such a tough Go-Karting game.”

“Well, I researched a bit on how to call ghosts using Oujja Board.”

“Oh, I thought it was just a myth.”

“No, I have YouTube Videos downloaded.”

“Okay. What all you need?”

“Candle, Sage.”

“Where will I go for a sage?”

“Chill, a candle would suffice.”

Within next ten minutes the ambiance was set up. We put our cell phones in silent mode, closed the windows, switched off the lights, and lit the candles. She sat opposite to me separated by the oujja board between us. She started the process.

For almost ten minutes, she tried every possible way to make the planchette move by itself but it wasn’t.

“It is all lie, ain’t it?” I asked.

“Don’t induce the spirits, Sri” she replied angrily.

“Where the hell are they? I don’t feel anything.”

“Sri, you are arousing their anger. I can feel it. Don’t do it” she said in a scornful tone.

“How can you feel it? Through this bloody plank?” I asked pointing at the planchette.

“Stop arousing them.”

“I am not dancing naked here to arouse them. If they are there they should show it. Hello are you here?” I screamed at nothing in particular.

Slowly her index finger that was on the planchette moved towards yes.

“Stop kidding babe” I said.

She didn’t reply.

“What the hell is happening?”

Her finger and the planchette started to move quickly and it read “Hello Sri”

“Stop kidding you idiot” I was sure that she was kidding me.

But I realized I was wrong when I stared into her eyes. It was pale. I could see her eye balls fixed in a total upward direction and all I could see was pure whiteness in her eyes.

“Stop kidding.” I said

“Okay, I will believe you are ghost when you answer this question.” I went on

“Who was the first person I ever slapped?”

I was so sure that I haven’t mentioned this to my roomie. Slowly her fingers moved with the planchette and the 5 letters it showed scared the daylights out of me. It was indeed right. I got up and shook her vigorously and slapped her till she got back to her senses. She asked, “What happened”. I explained to her in half sobbing and half shivering voice. We tried to switch on the lights but none of them were working.

“Shit, power cut” I said.

“Open the windows, Sri”

I tried to open the windows but the bolt was too strong that it wasn’t moving even an inch. While I tried with all my efforts to push it open I heard a muffled scream. I turned towards the direction of the sound and saw her hanging on the air without any support. I let out a huge scream and tried my best to pull her down. After tremendous effort and strident chanting of Hanuman Chalisa she fell on me and we both fell on the ground with a loud thud.

“It’s over, it’s over. We will go to the opposite room… jai hanuman..” I said.

She joined to chant Hanuman Chalisa with me and as we reached the door we realized that we couldn’t open the door even after unbolting the latch. She was terrified.

“Let’s Google” I said, trying my best to be practical.


“Yeah, Google and find what we should do.”

We hastily switched on our laptops and hers doesn’t work without the power source so we both hit the Google search in mine and we typed a random question, “What should we do when we are struck in a room with ghost in it?” Within 0.58 second we were ended up with 6,76,00,000 results.

“We don’t have time to read them” she said. I already started feeling the chill down my spine. As I tried to open the first article I felt an unseen force on my shoulders that pulled me away from the screen of the laptop.

“Do something, I screamed.”

She clicked the videos and opened the first video. A gory looking female projected out of the screen and grabbed her. We screamed at top of our voices but there was not even a single sound other than our voices.

Suddenly I heard my roomies voice, “I love your hair a lot” but her lip wasn’t moving. I realized that the gory creature holding her mimicked her voice. Suddenly I heard my own voice saying, “Take it” I was petrified. Suddenly out of nowhere scissors appeared and my hair was being cut, chopped off to be precise. I resisted and struggled to get free of the invisible ties but I couldn’t. My friend was shrieking in fear and I was trying to relax and think.

After a while, I heard my voice say, “I gave you my hair, now you give me your eyebrows.” Before I could react I saw a pocket knife going up to her eyes and I screamed out her name loudly.

“What happened” she asked? I gazed around and saw her lying down next to me. “Where are they?” I asked. She pointed out to the floor and I saw my 5 friends sleeping on the mattresses that were spread on the floor. “I asked about the ghosts. How did these people come here?”

“Had a bad dream?” She asked.

“Err… I guess so. What is the time?”

She looked at her watch and said, “half past eight, let’s get ready soon.”

As we got up and brushed our teeth I said, “We should get rid of that oujja board.”

“Oh why? It is cool nah? Antique piece.”

“We can sell it off in OLX.”


“Ghosts only come during nights, nah?” I asked

“Yeah. I think so.”

She went inside the bathroom to bath and I was opening the tap to wash my face in the sink and we both let out a huge scream when …..


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. when . . you realised that your hair was cut and your roommate’s eyebrow were trimmed…
    (your roommate also had the same dream hence she also screamed … was it a dream or . . . )


    • Hey Eli, Welcome to my blog. I am glad that you found the story captivating!! Thanks a lot! Well, what happens next is up to the readers!! I may write a chapter 2 after AtoZ challenge!


  2. well i usually avoid horror stories and movies just because my imagination multiply whatever i read/watch!
    Read your story past midnight alone in hostel room, and now i dont i Will sleep tonight! *seeing things as i close my eyes*

    btw what was that scream in last for?


  3. Liked it. Its a cocktail of fear, humour and Uncle.
    I mean Google Uncle…

    But, be careful, i must tell you that …leave it, just be careful, specially when u are alone, and sleep with lights …as you have invited them, you were alluring them by mentioning your long fulffy hair. They smell the hair, they sense the air, they listen silently, they live near you …


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