Musings Of A Meticulous Mausi!

Hi Folks,

Summer’s around the corner and yesterday I was ranting about the summer in my post here. Today it’s going to be another rant, however this time I am not venting my anger about the sun on the contrary it is about the summer holidays from a Mausi’s (Maternal Aunt’s) point of view.

Me & Rahul - He says he is my brother and not nephew :P :D
Me & Rahul – He says he is my brother and not nephew 😛 😀

Today I’ll begin refreshing my Engineering Graphics! Yeah, I am 23 and my nephew is 18 (weird?). He is a first year engineering student and he calls Engineering Graphics as a rapist that screws lives of many engineering students. I personally haven’t felt that EG was such a bad subject (thanks to my versatile EG Professor). When I said him that I was pretty good in EG and I used to top my class in all the CIE (Continuous Internal Examinations) he immediately appointed me as his EG tutor and with exams around the corner, I should start refreshing EG and put my heart and soul in making him excel in the same.

Today I’ll begin to teach my niece (who is 13) about why she should be using sunscreens. All these years, I have allowed her to roam around with just Johnson’s baby lotion or any other simple moisturizer but nowadays she started to tan, and also she is getting pimples thus it is high time that I teach her the basics of essentials like sunscreen, body butter, lip balm, etc.

Today I’ll begin again my cooking adventures. Yeah, summer means Mausi’s cooking for my kids (I love to address them as my kids). Since they will be staying home during summers (even in other days they go by 8AM and be back by 3PM – Thanks to the CBSE), they love eating different varieties of foods. I have to scratch my mind, search for my old recipe books (which I stashed in the storeroom by end of last summer), ransack the internet for food blogs (Thanks to Padhu and Aparna – they are my saviors) to cook tasty and kids-friendly dishes (they both claim they are grownups and never allow me to address them as kids however little did they know that they still love eating dishes which I find in kids’ lunch in these blogs).

Today I’ll begin making rasna, tang, rose milk, milk shakes, sharbaths, etc on a daily basis and stock the refrigerator. Its summer and my kids (and also the elders) get dehydrated soon. My kids don’t wait for me to prepare and then refrigerate for 2 hours when they are thirsty. Thus they might end up drinking carbonated drinks or other carton drinks (it is not good, although I love them personally, the mausi in me stops my kids from having it). Only option to solve these woes is? Prepare lots of healthy and homemade drinks for them (my personal favorite is rose sharbath).

Me & My Baby Doll - An old click though! :P
Me & My Baby Doll – An old click though! 😛

Today I’ll begin running behind my kids to oil their hair. You know what? My niece and nephew are two extremes in everything. While the lovely dolly princess loves to get her oiled, the handsome hunk hates even the sight of hair oil. It is really going to be fun to chase, pin him down, and oil his hair.

Today I’ll begin to hunt for every possible summer classes, summer camps, and other summer events across the town which will take all three of us (me, nephew, and niece) for daily, weekly, or monthly activities. Do let me know, if you know any summer classes, camps, etc!

Today I’ll begin to wear the meticulous mausi because I am considered as an adult in summers and kid during rest of the seasons. Don’t get it? My mom and my sisters take a break during summers (not that they stop working but they concentrate on other stuffs like making pickles, vadams, and vathals (Indian cuisine :P)). Additionally, my sister says “10 months they are my kids and for these 2 months they are yours”. Thus, I will give a rest to my naughtiness and be the responsible mausi to my lovely kids!!! 😀 😛

–          This post was written as response to the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt, “Today I’ll Begin”.



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I am S(t)ri


  1. Your post reminded me that yes summers are definitely here 🙂 pickles and rasna…awesome. Good luck with being mausi to kids who are old enough to pass as siblings 🙂


  2. well well this has awaken the somberi athai in me. ayioooo summer which mean having my niece at home :/ one side am happy to spend time with her but the other is that she becomes too impossible to control. yes athai has to gear up for the summer too. (mind voice “hmm yes i should”) dont know how we both are gonna bear the separation when i will be of to hostel. 😥 will miss my darling angel. i am more a mom than a athai. my darling wont touch her food until am home. my arm is her pillow.


    • Which comment Nabanita??? I checked my pending and spam folders, there isn’t any. Maybe some technical error! Btw thanks a lot! And yeah, they are going to become crazier (my sis says after vacation when they are back, they behave like me 😛 )


  3. I loved EG too 😀 that was the only class that made be feel like a true engineer… not the kind that sits in front of Dabba all the time. you got so many things in your plate 🙂 busy bee 🙂


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