Sun! Go Home, You Are Too High!!

Hi Folks,

Although summer hasn’t started yet, I feel the scorching heat already in Chennai. I was screaming at the sky saying, “Sun! Go home, you are too high!!!”  Apparently, Sun seems to be not just high but also too deaf to listen to my advice. My mom always has taught me, “Dhushtanai kandal dhoora vilagu” (When you see an evil person, stay away!). Mom’s advices should be taken seriously *sighs* thus I was staying indoors the whole weekend and even in weekdays I am staying indoors (well, in my office though!) If you are wondering why this female is ranting then well you should have checked the category of this post. Yeah, *random rants* – I am going to rant about summer 😛 😀 LOL

I am going to quickly summarize what I hate about summers? Err, not being pessimistic but just that I want to make sure that I list the things I hate first and then try to end the post in a positive note!


Evil Sun!!!
Evil Sun!!!

SUN – Or should I say heat? I am a really positive person and I swear that I love the fresh morning sun rays hitting on my skin but what irritates me is that the Sun seems to love me so much that it comes so early in the morning (around 5:30 AM or so) – trust me, even Aavin milk packet won’t come at that time these days. The worst is it stays till 6:30 PM thus it confuses my mom (yeah, she wonders if should light diyas after sunsets or before 6:30 PM). Moreover, Sun seems to be too thirsty and poor that it couldn’t afford a drink for itself thus ending up sucking everyone’s glucose (remember the advertisement – Sun sucking the energy of kids?).  Wait, did I mention tanning? Yeah, tanning – grrrr (Sun, if you want to tan people please do it on those who are fair, don’t try it on wheatish to dusky complexioned people like me)

Nagging Mom!!!
Nagging Mom!!!

MOM – I love my mom in winters and I love my dad in summers. Looks weird? See the thing is my mom seems to get obsessed with the vadams and vathals (something similar to papads and chips) that she will force every member of family to take rounds in protecting the vadams that she dried on the terrace. Are you wondering from what we are protecting it? Well, the crows and next house kids (yeah, kids steal and eat it raw without frying – even I do it. If that makes me a kid, you can very well call me one.)


HUNGER – I don’t know why in summers I get hungry soon and I end up over eating at times or worse I starve in hunger (not that my mom doesn’t feed me, just that during summers I hate to eat heavy dishes, I settle up with curd rice and juices)


May I?
May I?

LOO – There are two types of problems I will face during summer. Either my body gets over heated and I suffer from constipation L (thank god, this rarely happens) or my body gets over-over-heated and I end up suffering from frequent urination (trust me, I feel that I pee more in summer than in winter L not that I count it). Well, the docs tell me to drink tender coconut water and the price of tender coconut in Chennai seemed to be costly than the rates of a small beer in Goa. Still, I being a good girl drink tender coconut water.

Cuddle me!! :(
Cuddle me!! 😦

RUG – No, I don’t hate my RUG! I miss my favorite Blue Rug, that my mom secretly hides somewhere (When moms arrange our room we can’t find the stuff we need without their help, imagine my pathetic state if she had intentionally hidden it.) Apparently, even if I find it by computational error still I can’t use it because even with A.C at 18 degree C it feels freaking hot!



SMELL – Last but not the least, smell is everyone’s woe during summer. Remember that yucky feeling when you go near someone who stinks? Grrrr, the worst is even we may become the victim of this because we may also stink even without our knowledge during summers. Check this video.

Remember that smelly friend who tries to hug you after playing cricket and winning the match? (Yeah, I do play cricket on the roads, call me tomboy still I will play!) Or your house maid who smells as if she just came from a house full of smelly insects? Even at times when I am seriously working, I feel err #WhatsThatSmellBoss then I realize that I should bath again (in winter itself I feel disgusted after work that I bath twice, imagine the state of stink in summer)


Therefore, my advice or suggestion or rant or whatever (issued in public interest) – “Bath Twice!!!” Okay, I can read your mind. Are you guys asking “How the hell we bath twice in cold water that too at 5:30 AM and 6:30 PM?” I can empathize; even in summers bathing in cold water can be irritating to some noble souls (like me). Racold Water Heaters are the rescue for us!


Well, enough of hating the summer. Can we shower some love on summer season?

LOVE BITES 😛 (Pun may or may not be intended)

What I love about summers?

  1.        Mangoes
  2.        Jackfruits
  3.        Mango Pickles.
  4.        Fresh cotton clothes.
  5.        Water Melon!!!
  6.        Holidays!

Most of them (mangoes, jackfruits, fresh cotton) smell good don’t they? They smell good therefore I like them thus even we all should smell good and avoid the stares of people who think #WhatsTheSmellBoss.

This summer;

  1. Don’t go out in sun, if you still want to go apply SPF 50-90 sunscreen.
  2. Don’t fight with mom because she makes you guard the vadams after all they are made for us to eat.
  3. Beat the hunger with lots of curd rice.
  4. Keep Calm & Drink Tender Coconut Water.
  5. Say no to non-cotton clothes!!! Go Desi with Khaadi clothes!!
  6. TAKE BATH (if you can’t bath in cold water then please do have Racold Hot Water Bath!! – Bathing is important – Wait, I will tell you a secret! Shhh!! A sensual hot water bath with bath salts or sensual body wash will help you in achieving healthy seeeeeeeee (you dirty minds, I was about to say serene) yeah, healthy serene life in summer.

P.S: This post is submitted for #WhatsTheSmellBoss contest by & Racold Water Heaters.

P.C: Google 😛 😛

Okay, time to have a sensual hot water shower…

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri.




  1. Hungry yep. Sun heat, yep! I burn easily, like a raisin in boiling water, so can’t stand that. But I love swimming, so summers are the best for that. Nice list, Sri 🙂


    • Raisin in hot water// so true Shailaja. Yeah, indeed swimming in summer is awesome, I and my kids (read: nephew and niece) are planning to go to swim daily but swimming in sunlight tans me even more and sunscreens don’t work 😦 Any tips?


  2. “Although summer hasn’t started yet..” It means Chennai is in Ice Age still, the summer that started after it, is yet to end! 😀
    Nice Post! 🙂


    • LOL Kaushik!!! We chennaites shouldn’t settle up with the term summer for anything less than “kathiri veyil”. That is the real summer 😛 😀


  3. Me and my daughter’s fav. rhyme on sun will do justice to your feelings towards it – “Suraj,Suraj, sach batla do , kya mummy ne danta hai ?
    Gal tymhare LAL ho gaye , lagta khaya chaanta hai !!! ” 😀 😀 😀 poor sun 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  4. hehehe .. I like summers when I am at beach .. or when I am eating mangoes or jumping in a pool 😛 😛 .. Nothing more than that ..

    Can relate to it .. Being in Mumbai, I happen to enjoy my favorite season (read rain 😉 ) for a major part of the year 😀

    BTW, I love sunshine 😀 B)


    • Lucky that you get to enjoy rains.. Rains in chennai … grrr better lemme not talk about it. Btw Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts!


    • Oops, My skin never gets dried honey (that’s y I didn’t add) be it summer or winter. Thanks to Lakme Sunscreen, Vaseline Cocoa Butter, Dove Body wash. I guess!! You too try it out!


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