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Hi Folks,

Have you ever realized that I have never blogged about my dad? Being a blogger, and a writer (yeah, those are two different things) I write about anything that impresses me or at times I do rant about things or people who let me down. In that case, I should have blogged about my dad, shouldn’t I? But nah, I didn’t. My dad and I are these perfectly incompatible human beings who live in peace under the same roof. I have always been the “Mommy’s Lil Girl”. Remember this picture which was virally shared in FB?

Dad, where is mom?
Dad, where is mom?

Well, this picture exactly depicts me. Even when I want something from my dad, I ask it through mom! However, recently my mom and dad had been sulking away from one another (the cold war that usually happens between two people who are madly in love). Thus, my mom very sweetly (read: bitterly) said that she won’t do the middle-monkey thing between me and my dad anymore. Sadly, I had to go and talk to him all by myself. Trust me I have never done this before. My maximum conversation with him where limited to the following;

  1. Dad, Where is Mom?
  2. Dad, Mom is calling you!
  3. My results are out, you can check it!
  4. I got a job.
  5. Pass the phone to mom; I want to talk to her!

All these questions gets an awesome one word reply called “Okay”. Again, I am telling you, my dad and I don’t hate each other. Personally we don’t have even an ounce of problem. Just that we both are perfectly incompatible individuals (our thoughts and likes vary by millions of miles).

So, let’s get back on track. As I was telling, I had to talk to my dad since mom was in “I-am-sulky-princess-do-what-I-say” mode. Here is the conversation we had;

I knocked his room thrice until he said “hmmm”

Me: Dad.

My Dad: Yes.

Me: I am quitting my job.

My Dad: Vitru ma (Quit it dear).

Me: Err

My Dad: What happened?

Me: Are you sure?

My Dad: Of course I am. Take a break.

Me: I am not sure about what I should do next. I am confused. Maybe I need to set up my own workplace.

Dad: *stuffs keys in my hand* these are keys of our 3rd floor unoccupied, fully furnished flat. Take it, set up your own mini office. Work from home.

Me: I might need a system, I can’t work in laptop.

Dad: You know to assemble a system and do basic formatting, etc. Don’t you?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: The PC you were using months back is still in the store room. Get is assembled and check how it works. We will buy the necessary stuffs once you get the system ready.

Me: Okay.

Dad - The Strongest
Dad – The Strongest

He closes his bedroom door as I leave. He never says “thank you”, “I love you”, or “I miss you” to me. There are times when I used to think I wanted a dad who was expressive but then after this conversation I got an unknown strength and hope inside me. At times hugging won’t help, kissing won’t help, advice won’t help, and even empathizing may not help but giving a simple solution or opportunity helps.

That night I was speaking to my sister about love, relationship, and weddings (my favorite topic to write about). I said her about how dad reacted and how I got a positive motivation via his simple actions. After a while I asked her how she manages to stay married for all these years (20 years is indeed a long time, and I hardly could see happy marriages for this long these days).

She: At times, holding on is a better option than letting go!

Me: Why? Is it because of love?

She: Strength.

Me: Err.

She: Same thing happened to me long back.

Me: What thing?

She: Dad’s conversation.

Me: Hmmm

She: Once I had a nasty fight with my husband and I was crying terribly. Dad came near me and said, “If you can’t take it anymore, leave it ma!”

Me: What? Dad said so?

She: Ya.

Me: He asked you to leave but you stayed?

She: No, his confidence made me stay. It made me fight against ordeals and live.

Me: We are blessed, aren’t we?

She: Blessed is an understatement.

There are times in my life where I have envied my friends’ parents or have cursed God for giving me parents who don’t pamper me but today when I look back all I can say to God is “Thank you God. Your creation is right.” Pampering parents would have made me happy but my parents made me strong. If I had to choose between happiness and strength to battle fears I would go with the later.


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. This reminds me of my father, who would be so very busy with his work and his own life about building a house and saving money and retirement planning..seldom bothered to know what are our likes dislikes..for I know he never knew which class we were studying except that he needs to pay the fees when we ask for through my mom. We had freedom to decide what we wanted. We did not take advantage of this as well. We all did well for ourselves, faced all the problems and challenges in life all on our own, dependency factor was least. I could not realise the power of this until I had a huge disaster in my personal life. I know how I fought out of the turmoil. It would not have been possible if my dad was pampering us, giving us everything easily what we desired for, was behind us for everything. I realised that unknowingly I have learnt so much in life cos of the way we have grown..the strength he gave us..today I admire him for it and thank him for the courage he has been giving us.


  2. Vitru ma… very simple yet strong words!!
    something new that has cropped up.. lets see if i get to implement it in the near future


  3. Unconditional love. With a great post. I also always went to my mom as well but she just passed away and it has made my dad and I closer which I like but I miss my mom so much. So I m happy you have both your parents to love and help you.


    • I am Sorry for your loss. I hope you will have a good time with your dad’s care and affection! Welcome to my blog, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with me 🙂


  4. Wonderful post. Loved every ounce of this 🙂 Needless to say my dad is very expressive and I share day to day activities with him. “Dads” are surely rock stars. Unique in their own way. They love us more but only a few are expressive 🙂


  5. even i used to get my demands fulfilled through mom! thats so much easy no?

    but seriously, best thing about fathers(expressive or not) is that they give us hope and strength in exactly the way we need it!


  6. srilu darls i can relate it to my dad very much! u know that no dad will agree for a literature degree at the cost of a professional degree like CA that too when i am just about to complete it! but yeah i spoke to him and he simply agreed and said,”do what you like.” 🙂 i was stunned! neither am i a pampered child 🙂 but happy to have parents like them


  7. I just love this blog more than all yo have written in the past!! Seriously your hands or mind has an awesome magic which makes me strong day by day sri!!


  8. I loved this post. I am a Dad’s girl…and I tell mom the scariest things through Dad. When I too decided that I don’t want to work for someone else, he guided me to a workplace of my own. 🙂


  9. Hey Sri, this blog of yours inspired me to become a dad who usually pamper his daughter, but then I don’t ever want her to become weak. I just a few minutes back finished a blog on how to get rid of the stress during a divorce, and I mentioned over there that I wanted to make my daughter so strong that she can be able to face any adverse situation in her life. Though, this blog post of mine http://www.inewsindia.com/2014/03/23/how-to-get-rid-of-stress-during-a-divorce/ has nothing to do anything with my family, or my daughter, but the point was to strengthen your daughter so that she can always see towards you as an ideal dad.

    I am not sure if I am a good dad or not, but truly your post inspired me to become the same.


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