How He Caught My Eye? – A tale of modern day relationships! – Chapter 3

Note From S(t)ri:

I got some decent reviews and comments for this blog-novel and I also had followers pinging me regarding the release of next chapter and also regarding publishing of the whole novel. This story might be soon published as a novel. Thus, every alternative Friday I will post a chapter for this blog-novel. Do read it and share your views. Also, share the story with your friends if you like it. I am participating in the AToZ Challenge so I wouldn’t be posting the subsequent chapters in the month of April, but I hope to finish the book sometime soon.

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A Modern FB Story!
A Modern FB Story!

Haritha felt the blouse was somewhat decent. She expected it to look worse but it was satisfactory. Her mother however had problem with the blouse. As she removed the buttons she said, “Don’t you think the sleeves are quite little?” “Mom, it is blouse not a shirt to wear full sleeves or half sleeves. People wear sleeveless cholis these days, why you make a fuss for just a mega sleeve?” “What did I tell now? I just told it looks little.” Haritha however knew in which tone her mom commented about the sleeves. Daughters always understand the way their moms’ comment. They exactly can differentiate sarcasm from fun and ironical tone from normal way of speaking.

After her mom left, she quickly changed back to black 3/4ths and yellow printed Tee Shirt. She silently moved to the hall and sat on the couch comfortably and shuffled channels. Her mom came with a plate full of pakoda and sat next to her. The best thing about Sundays is that it is a Sunday. Sunday means peace for Haritha, although she has to sacrifice her bedroom, her PC to Rahul she still feels happy to sit peacefully munch her mom’s different snacks as they watch TV. Her mom snatched the remote from her hand, changed the channel from 9xM to Sun TV, and said, “By seeing channels like these only, this generation girls get spoilt. I don’t know if they are making movies or porn these days. Not even a single heroine is beautiful, all they want to show is their bodies and look sexy.” She looked aghast as her mom ranted and watched some reality show on Tamil channel. She wanted to argue that bollywood songs were more entertaining than these baseless reality shows but she was in no mood to argue so she silently fiddled with her mobile.

After a moment or so, she got a whatsapp message and she immediately opened. It was from Varun, she cursed herself for totally forgetting to ping back Varun in middle of blouse, pakodas, her mom’s ranting, and her urge to watch TV. The message read, “Hey, it was ten minutes 20 minutes ago.” She smiled at his message and saw her previous message which was sent 30 minutes back. She replied back with, “Ha ha, good one. Btw Sorry, was held up.” He promptly replied, “Chill girl. Happens, why sorry and all?”

Haritha: Give my Sorry back.

Varun: I didn’t accept it at all to give it back.

Haritha: LOL okay. What are you up to?

Varun: Nothing much, just shuffling channels. U?

Haritha: I was doing that still now. Mom snatched the remote few minutes ago.

Varun: Ha Ha. Sad yaar.

Haritha: I know. Is there anything interesting on TV? Mom is watching this boring reality show about kids.

Varun: Oh, Nothing interesting. Simply shuffling.

Haritha: So you live with friends?

Varun: Ooo.. No, with parents.

Haritha: You are from Secundrabad, aren’t you?

Varun: Yup.

Haritha: Your whole family shifted here?

Varun: It is quite confusing yaar. See my mom’s native is Secundrabad; I was born there so my native is Secundrabad. Dad was born in Bangalore but my ancestors were from Tamil Nadu only. Dad works with Indian Overseas Bank, so lot of transfers.

Haritha: Oh, oh. I get it. That means you would have studied across the country?

Varun: Hmmm kinda. I did schooling in 3 KVs and 2 DAVs.

Haritha: No wonder.

Varun: :O wat?

Haritha: No wonder you are stylish and not like other guys.

Varun: Oh really? How are other guys?

Haritha: I don’t know about other places but here in Chennai many guys are conservative and kind of language-chauvinistic.

Varun: Language-Chauvinistic LOL. What do you mean?

Haritha: Well, they tease me when I speak in English. Most of them will be like, “Peter”, “Elizabath”, this that.

Varun: Ha Ha, I get it. It has happened with me too at times. I try to use Tamil as much as possible with the guys over here since college. How come you are different?

Haritha: Different, as in?

Varun: I don’t know you are not like other girls.

Haritha: What do you mean?

Varun: Generally, girls create a lot of scene to talk to guys. Even if they talk they keep ranting or boasting. Additionally, you look fabulous, stylish, suave, at the same time realistic.

Haritha: I am flattered.

Varun: Swear on my KF beer bottle.

Haritha: xD

Varun: Hey, on a completely irrelevant topic, do you listen to Hindi songs or only English?

Haritha: I do listen to Hindi. I even listen to Tamil.

Varun: Wow. Okay, tune to Sony Mix right now.

Haritha: Oh, which song is being played?

She asks her mom for remote without looking up from the phone. Her mom gives the remote and says, “I will clean the kitchen and come. Watch your dirty songs till then. There is a good movie in Sun TV after this show. I want to watch it. After a long time your dad is away this Sunday and I get to watch the channel I like to.”

“Okay mom”, she yells back and quickly changes the channel to 9xM. There was an ad being played and she then realized that Varun told her to watch Sony Mix. She hurriedly changes to Sony Mix. The song was half way through by then. The song “jag suna suna lage” was being played. She checks the phone and sees his message.

Varun: Watch, Watch 😛

Haritha: Saw. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ❤

Varun: Damn. You are awesome.

Haritha: I know that 😛 but why now?

Varun: You are the first girl who has ever told me she loves a song for the singer’s voice and not for Sharukh Khan.

Haritha: LOL. I love Rahat’s voice.

Varun: So do I. What’s your most favorite?

Haritha: Hmmm… Tough question! Well, have you heard this one from Kalyug?

Varun: Jiya Dhadak Dhadak, Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaye?

Haritha: Damn, yeah, my favorite.

Varun: Hi-5

Haritha: No cheating, really?

Varun: Yup. Why should I cheat? This is neither relationship nor exam.

Haritha: LOL so people can cheat in relationships and exams?

Varun: Well, I have cheated in the later and not in the former.

Haritha: Okay, convincing reply.

Varun: Fine, fine. What other Rahat’s song you like?

Haritha: You tell. I will tell if it is a hi-5 or not.

Varun: Okay. That “Tu na jaane aas paas hai khuda” from Anjaana Anjaani.

Haritha was stunned because that was her second favorite too. She typed, “Hi-5”

Varun: No cheating, really?

Haritha: Hey don’t use my lines on me.

Varun: Who did that first?

Haritha: I really love that song.

Varun: So do I.

Haritha: Okay. Big Hi-5.

Varun: He He, Hi-5. What you bought from the tailors?

Haritha: LOL, people don’t buy things from tailors’. I got a blouse stitched.

Varun: Still you paid money nah? So it is buying, xD

Btw blouse? You wear Sarees?

Haritha: Duh! However, only for weddings or special occasions I wear.

Varun: No picture in FB -_-

Haritha: You saw all the pictures? :O

Varun: Well, not all, just the display pictures.

Haritha: 100+ pictures :O

Varun: Damn, don’t make me feel like a stalker. I just saw a couple of them and you looked different in each and every photo so kept on seeing.

Haritha: LOL.

Varun: By the way, you left to tailors’ and took like a lifetime to ping back so what other job.

Haritha: You could have poked some other girl and chatted.

Varun: No one as intriguing as you.

Haritha: Ha Ha, Thanks. Btw why you have only 20-30 pictures?

Varun: Huh? Now, someone is more curious.

Haritha: I just checked them as soon as you gave request. 😛

Varun: Well, I am not much interested in photos or posing. However I do love clicking photos.

Haritha: It’s other way round for me. I pose well but can’t click.

Varun: Ha ha, it shows that you can pose well from your pictures. Btw, at last one difference between us

Haritha: That difference completes us. I will pose, you click 😛

Varun: Why not? 😛

Haritha feels a heavy arm on her back and turns to see that it is her dad. She places the phone down and hugs him tightly. He almost lifts her from the sofa and asks, “How are you dear?” “Dad, I am awesome, as always. How are you? I missed you loads.” He kisses her on her forehead and she still clings on him when her mother enters with her usual advice, “She is 23 and for heaven sake she will be married in a year. Still you are lifting her as if she is a 3 year old.” Haritha mockingly said, “See dad, someone is jealous.” “Yeah, jealously, it seems. No one will even want to be stupid like you.” said her mom teasingly. Haritha’s dad lowered her down and she put an arm around both her mom and dad and said, “Dad, she is calling you also a stupid.” Her mom hurriedly replies, “Hey, I said you not your dad. You don’t unnecessarily create problems between me and your dad.” Both her parents hug her and her brother too suddenly joins them for a group hug and in this lovely chaos Haritha failed to notice her phone which got 3 WhatsApp messages, 2 text messages, and one missed call from Varun.

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I am S(t)ri


  1. ur mom must be more of a cool,casual ,friend…..tats how iam to my daughter!good going dis blog….awaiting for the nxt!


  2. This is getting interesting with each chapter!! I love the way you described the chat and mom-daughter relationship!! Its so natural and casual and yet interesting! I just can’t wait for the next!!
    *do I get a sneak peek? *


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