A to Z Theme Reveal- Spilling the beans!!!

Hi Folks,


I have participated in the AToZ Blogging Challenge – 2014. The concept behind this is pretty simple! Post a blog post each day in April. The cliché here is to post in alphabetical logic, yeah Day 1 post in A, day 2 in B… so on and so forth. Well, the Sundays are spared to crash on your bed and take rest! Remaining days? Blog, comment on other blogs, reply to the comments in your blog and enjoy the attention! Well, this is my first time and I hope I will be successful in the endeavor. Okay, now all of you wish me good luck!

Wait, it’s not over yet! Aren’t you excited to know the theme I am going to blog about? Well, the theme is “Idioms”. You know, I have a crush on idioms 😛 😀 Yeah, I am this weird girl err woman err let’s settle up with lady! As I was telling, I am this weird lady who has crush on grammar, science, spaceship, mathematics, equations, etc. So, one of my favorite crushes is “idioms”.

To make it convenient for the readers, the posts are kept precise and concise.

Watch out for 26 idioms on 26 days! Well, wait! There is another cliché… You will know it on April 1st.

Do you know Vidya Sury? Who doesn’t know her, she is this lovely and ace blogger. She is a mentor and inspiration for many of us (newbie bloggers), well take a look at the Theme Reveal BlogFest, where will you get to know about many other bloggers’ themes in the linky beneath her post!


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Give it a read and share your views in the comments section.


Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


    • Hey Sitara, thanks a lot. Welcome to my blog 🙂 I am looking forward to see your blog soon. I am Stri kinda became my signature these days. ❤


    • Hi Sulekha, thanks a lot. Indeed we will learn a lot from everyone, don’t we? April is not month of vacation anymore, for us it is month of learning ❤


  1. That’s a very different theme, Sri!! And it is going to be super fun too! Looking forward to learn a lot of idioms this April. Cheers 🙂


  2. Someone who likes grammar ! You are part of an endangered species 🙂 Got to preserve everything that you write.. Looking forward to the idioms read


    • Thanks a ton!!! Well, I love grammar but then grammar seems to sulk away from me at times! Anyways, welcome to my blog! I hope you will enjoy reading my posts! Thanks once again!


  3. Hey you lady-buddy out there…..what innovative ideas pass through your brain! and how well you catch them in that beautiful shiny black mane of yours !!. idiom theme sounds cool. best wishes for the challenge…. 🙂


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