Top 3 Epic Checking-Out-A-Guy Fails!

Hi Folks,

I have been really thinking to put up a blog post on girls checking out the guys. Yeah, girls checking out guys have been considered as some taboo among certain set of people. Let’s not dig into that part now; on the contrary, this post is going to be scenario based one illustrating how checking out can fail miserably!!!


As I walked through the crowded Ranganathan Street, there was this hot guy. Yeah, smoking hot that will make the Chennai’s scorching sun look dull. He was trying to come out of the crowd from the opposite side and amidst the 1000 sweaty, grumpy, and hasty shoppers he stood apart.

Certain guys will give you jitters as soon as you see them – he is one of that kind. As he walked through and came somewhat closer to me, he removed his shades and his brown eyes twinkled as the evening sun light fell on his face.

Without any ignominy or bashfulness I smiled at him and he was gracious enough to smile back at me. Finally when we were just inches away, someone stashed something on his hand. As I was curious to check who that lady was, I heard a chirpy voice say, “Appa, nalla thukiko” (Dad, lift me properly).

Well, what next? Turn faces and walk away! 😛 Not that we shouldn’t check out married men or fathers but just that I have this virtue that will not allow me to checkout taken guys 😛 😀


My mom and I were sitting and gossiping happily, a guy came and joined a set of guys who were already seated next to us. The guy had an extra ordinary charm and the lustrous odor of Cologne filled the place as he entered surprisingly the odor wasn’t heavy like that come out from 90% of the men in office. This was pleasant and mesmerizing. He looked so orthodox and dutiful. He was dressed up in formals and had a chandan tikka (sandal paste) on his forehead.

My mom asked, “That guy is good nah?”

“Yes mom, why don’t you see guys like him for me?”

“I am trying to.”

“What you are trying?”

“I even asked them if this guy has a brother, he doesn’t.”

“What’s the problem with this guy? Don’t say me he has a kid.”

“Stupid, we are sitting in his wedding jaanvasam (evening before wedding). He is the groom.”


I and my sister were riding our lovely bike (yeah, we have a brand new lovely Jupiter bike) in the beach view road connecting the whole length of Broadway to Adyar. A speeding car overtook us in the wrong side and I yelled “Bloody… Why the hell he overtook us like that? We would have fallen down!”

“Don’t yell”

“It was a female driver, isn’t it?” (Not that I consider that women drive poorly but owing to the fact that I have a very bad rapport with some female drivers I made this question.)

“Nah, some guy. He was stylish.”

“Oh… You saw?”

“Yeah…He looked stylish”

“Chase, chase. I want to check out!”

She drove fast and we finally nail his car down when it stopped in the light house signal. As I tried to sneak peek into his car what I saw was;

  1. He is not a guy, he is an uncle with such a big belly, one wife, 2 kids (half my age).
  2. His face was extraordinarily brilliant and stylish (my sis has managed to see only the side view of the face).

Me: “Romba kezhavano?” (Thoda zyaada hi bbuddah hai na?/Oops, too old, and too bad choice)

P.S: This is a cocktail of reality+imagination 😛 I will leave it to you to decide which is what!


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri



  1. Kuch na kaho, kuch na suno, kya kehna hai, kya sunna hai!!!!

    In the search of the perfect Superman – do not miss the everyday Clark Kents that make up the fabric of this society!

    All will be well 🙂


  2. Lol, this one is awesome. You said it right that girls should also check out guys 🙂 But anyways the mother and groom story and the first one is really good. But can’t say that your third failure was also not good, but I really liked “Romba kezhavano?” Me too falling in the same category 🙂


    • sure, I will blog on it after my wedding 😛 😀 (which god only knows when :P) I didn’t meet the “Guy who didn’t fail” in my checking out test! 😛


      • Lol… if it doesn’t fail it need not necessarily end in marriage 😛 Just by the experience in your blog, i can say….. if the guy who you are checking out is not married or if he is a gay, then that itself is a success 😛 😛 😀


  3. seriousllllyyyyyyy 😀 😀 😀 I defintely need to read more of you.. you are wonderful at humor 😛 I love checking out cool dude too… and very strangely i must add, i love checking out gay guys.. too sad, we dont’ have much here 😛 😀


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