Confessions of a Voracious Reader and an Avid Writer!

Hi Folks,

4IndiSpire (by IndiBlogger) has come up with this beautiful prompt by a fellow blogger, “What would your dream library look like? #DreamLibrary” Since the time I saw this prompt, I was jumping up and down. I was so happily jumping that I forgot to write until my friend reminded me today that they will close the link tomorrow. Before actually going into what my dream library should look like or anything, I have few confessions to make.  Being a writer is a really interesting and weird job. Yeah, it is like living 1000 lives. Well, to write a one page write up it is mandatory to read at least 30 pages (exceptions do exist). Thus, writing and reading have become harmonious with each other in my life. Well, let’s cut my rants and move on to the confessions.

#1: The Look On My Friends’ Faces When They See My Room For The First Time:

Is this room or library?
Is this room or library?

My Friend: What are you?

Me: Huh?

My Friend: You live in a library!

Me: Huh, yeah. I read a lot.

My Friend: This is not reading. This is living in imaginative world.

Me: I am honored.

My Friend: What are you currently reading?

Me: *picks 5 books and shows*

My Friend: 5 books? *faints into my couch*

#2:  That Reaction My Mom Gives When I Say That I Will Clear Up The Books:

Oh Really Sri?
Oh Really Sri?

My Mom: Why you need 10th grade English Book?

Me: Christmas Carol. I have written some notes here and there.

My Mom: Why you need your 9th grade English Book still?

Me: Because there is this Missing Mail story which I love. I love to read the exercises I did in class 9 at the back of the lesson.

My Mom: Why the hell you have a Maths Textbook of grade 8?

Me: Algebra basics mom and the cover look cool.

#3: That Look On My Friend’s Face When They Ask My Weekend Plan is

Angry - Grrrrrr
Angry – Grrrrrr

Friends: What are you doing this weekend?

Me: Reading & Writing

Friends: What you do in the weekdays?

Me: Read & Write!

Friends: *facepalms*


Finally, coming to my dream library and how I need it to be;

  1. My dream study should be equipped with beautiful paintings (well, if space is left out on the wall)
  2. It should have a well equipped music system. Yeah, I love music and books together – the cocktail that keeps me high!
  3. The following are mandatory collections in my library;
    1. School Books.
    2. College Books.
    3. Newspapers (No, I won’t throw away old papers).
    4. Magazines.
    5. Classics (list goes on and on. Shakespeare, Austen, Hardy are some of the favorites).
    6. Teenage Fiction (Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, etc)
    7. Kids Fiction (Enid Blyton Series)
    8. Comics & cartoon based short stories (both Indian & Firangi ones)
    9. Harry Potter FTW
    10. Vampire Diaries
    11. Indian Authors (CB, PS, DD, NS, RS, are some of the important and favorite ones)
    12. Sidney Sheldon row (a special row for SS works)
    13. Dan Brown.
    14. Sci-Fi Genre.
    15. Rom-Com Genre.
    16. Paulo Coelho Section.
    17. Tolstoy Section.
    18. Tamil Novels.
    19. Hindi Novels.
    20. Spiritual Books.
    21. My Journals Column.
    22. Borrowed Novels.
    23. Biographies.
    24. Mills & Boon (ha ha ha, no upper age limits for this 😉
    25. Eroticas (50 shades is also accepted after a huge tug of war).
    26. Crime Thrillers.

Ooops… alphabets over but my book list doesn’t 😉

Finally, This is how I want one side of the interior to be. Rest all the 3 sides will be resembling the normal library!

My Dream Bookshelf
My Dream Bookshelf

To my future hubby (if at all you are reading this!): An old good saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Likewise “right way to sweep me off my feet is through books, books, books, and well platinum is also graciously accepted” 😛 😀


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. the cutest post ever… i am a sucker for the conversational style writing.. me/she especially when they are humorous.. I love reading too, but seriously 8th grade maths book 😛 😀 😀 😀 😀 I seriously LOVE this post to pieces… you’re AWESOME
    I bet there isn’t a better one on this prompt. but God bless your MOM 😀


    • Thanks a lot 🙂 I smiling ear to ear seeing your comments. Thanks is too small of a term.. So here *hugssssssss* yeah! my mom should be blessed with super powers to manage me!!!!!


    • Thanks a lot Kathy! I would love to have you visit my library oops, room which is changed to a library. Btw, welcome to my blog 🙂 Thanks for lovely thoughts that you shared in the comments 🙂


  2. Hey S(t)ri…. first a warm hug from me because you was so busy jumping up and down that you almost forgot to write the post !! I liked, loved and TOTALLY relate with your reaction on seeing the prompt… Being lazy I don’t care to think leave jump for most of the prompts… But this one Got me 😀 And the second lovingest thing is that you keep your school textbooks …Me too… All the Orient Longmans Black Swans etc I am having….maths /physics I guess were lost during the school time itself 🙂
    Third bestest thing is that your list is AWSOME… So now you are a buddy (from my side its done pucca) Next visit to Bangalore and you know where to stay 🙂 Love n happy reading in your library 🙂


    • Wow! Kokila, your comment made my day. Seriously, I mean it! ❤ A big return hug!!!!! I am happy that you enjoyed my post and you are a buddy too (pucca from my side also). I would love to visit Bangalore soon! Even you now know where to come first as soon as you come to the Chennai Airport/Central. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Hey Nabanita, thanks. I too think so, yet I have few more stuffs like the dictionaries (i love them), encyclopedia (oof spelled it right, toughest word in my childhood :P).


  3. Enjoyed every word of this post. This one happens to me every week ( without face palms but with a strange look though )

    /*Friends: What are you doing this weekend?

    Me: Reading & Writing

    Friends: What you do in the weekdays?

    Me: Read & Write!

    Friends: *facepalms* */

    And there is a 27th item as well. ‘Stolen Books ( ‘Suttufied books’ in Tanglish )

    Enjoy these great library pictures in the link below.


    • Ha Ha, Thanks a lot 🙂 I am happy that you can correlate with yourself. The stolen books rack is also a nice idea, only that I don’t have such one YET!!! *looks around what to steal*. Thanks for the link, I will bookmark it!


    • Hey Talya, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post. Also, thanks for such a wonderful idea. I would put it into implementation! 🙂


  4. that is one hell of a confession and I am sure most of the lot commenting here relates to it.

    you have just given away a pick up line for someone who’s really is fallen for you. if he is smart enough he’ll know what to do with this words.

    “right way to sweep me off my feet is through books, books, books, and well platinum is also graciously accepted”


    • Welcome to my blog Karan, Thanks a ton for sharing such lovely thoughts. Ha Ha, Yeah indeed I have given the pick up line, let’s see if my knight in shining armor is clever enough to understand it! However, i have a feeling that he lost his route and is too arrogant to ask anyone for directions 😛 😀


  5. Reading and writing should be made into a full time and paid job at least some minimum hehe.. Glad ur life is surrounded by books n have a shelf which is full..dunno where to place new books..lovely post, Sri:)


  6. My husband has to literally carry me away everytime I cross a bookstore… Loved your post and the conversations 😀 I am either reading or writing or thinking what to write.


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