Problems Of A Desi Born Confused Firangi!

Hi Folks,

This is one of the most discussed topics in my household. My mom teases me and my brothers for having so many problems in day to day life. Seriously, my mom feels that we suffer from DBCF syndrome, yeah the Desi Born Confused Firangi syndrome. For all those people who wonder what this syndrome is, here is a brief explanation.

DBCF: expanded as Desi Born Confused Firangi is a syndrome that is wild spread among modern day/this gen youth (including me). Few lucky souls are spared from this disorder but majority are the victims of this chaotic syndrome. The victim will be born and brought up in India; however they would have born in the urban areas like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad. They speak English as if it is their mother tongue and their mother tongue like an alien language (exceptions do exist, those people are potential polyglots). Additionally, these people listen to more of English, Hindi songs and oh yeah, they watch the sit-coms and not the Tamil or regional soap operas. They are in various professions but they will be fitness conscious and also they might blog 😛 As the old good saying goes, “Birds of same feather flock together” there friends are also like them. These people are generally addressed as “Peter”, “Elizabeth”, “Scene Party”, “Posh Posh Pardesi”, “Firangi”, etc.

However, these people are really good at heart. There are few people who try to get attention by acting stylish outside and being a local person inside their house. Those people are two faced and they are no way related to our victims DBCF lot. So clearly know the differences. The DBCF victims are stylish and well civilized in and out. They say thanks to Auto Wala, they tip the waiter reasonably, smile at stranger, and greet people with warm smile or hug, amongst other nice qualities.

Now, coming to the problems faced by these DBCF in day to day life is as follows;

We people generally hesitate to go to local stores or restaurants however owing to pressure or request from people we love or due to budget shortage we happen to visit local stores and the following are certain problems faced by us;

Conversation happens in regional language!

#1: At a local Pani Puri Shop in Chennai/Rest of TN.

Well, we DBCF escape in the other cities’ pani-puri stall because the pani puris are quite good over there. However when we are trying it in Tamil Nadu or in any other states’ new stalls we are totally screwed and so is the shop owner.

We: One plate Pani Puri.

Shop wala: Okay! *washes a plate*

We gave a yucky stare, why in plate? Why not in disposable cups?

We: How much?

Shop wala: 20 rupees for 10 puris.

We: Huh :O

We: Please add meeta (sweet syrup)

Shop wala: No No meeta, Have it khatta (tangy) and spicy.

We: Huh, okay!

We: Why are the puris stale?

Shop wala: Rain time.

We: Huh?

Finally, we somehow eat those totally yucky 10 stale puris and pay him our valuable 20 bucks in dismay.

#2: In a local chai or coffee shop

At times during road trips, or long drives we don’t find CCD. Above all no one knows when and where we will crave for coffees.

We: One Black Coffee with Sugar and One without.

Shop wala: Only filter coffee. Take Tea or filter coffee.

We: No, No. We don’t want milk in it.

Shop wala: Then it is decoction not coffee.

We: Yeah, give that and don’t add sugar in one of it.

He looks at us as if we asked him to pour his blood into two glasses and give us. He also funnily adds, “Mad people, drinking decoction that too without sugar.”

#3: In a local hotel or roadside shop

Again necessity at times lead us to these shops and we somehow figure out what the food names are and order the food.

Mostly, the people here treat us like prince and princess, they clean the table for us (which they don’t do for the local crowd) and also they give us cleaned plates LOL. Here mostly, we don’t face much problem until the end. We wash our hands and then ask the waiter, “Tissues?” only to get an “I will kill you now” stare from the waiters. We finally explain him what a tissue is and he is give us a set of newspapers to wipe hands.

Apart from this we do face a lot of issues in our day to day life which itself might a sequel post to this!!

Disclaimer: Take things light and just forget things that were hurting because none of them were mentioned to hurt anyone. Well, don’t forget to share the post and show your love.


Song that I am weirdly singing since morning is;

Song name: Mast Magan

Album/Movie Title: 2 States

Language: Hindi

Singers: Arijit Singh & Chinmayi Sripada


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  1. Hi… I have recently stated reading blogs and you have done a good job here. Great that you have written and explained it without a sign of superiority. “These people are generally addressed as “Peter”, “Elizabeth”, “Scene Party”, “Posh Posh Pardesi”, “Firangi”, etc.” // I don think this is happening now. Because many have become a DBCF now. But only very few admit being so.


    • Thanks a ton, I am honored. By the way, welcome to my blog. Enjoy reading my ranting. Ha ha, so true but many people are still against DBCFs because they are either jealous or because they are projecting themselves as conservative ones. 🙂 Either way I am a DBCF and I don’t regret it 😉


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