Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained!

Jhanvi frantically fiddled with her mobile, after making three letdown calls she finally gave up her ego and dialed those 10 numbers, those numbers that she can never forget in her life, those numbers that she had dialed like infinite times from her cell phone, her mom’s phone, her dad’s phone, PCO, etc; that number which were her ex boyfriend Karthik’s. Karthik, the name alone gave her jitters.

Jhanvi: Hello

Karthik’s heart skips a beat, after listening to her voice after some 2 years. He breathes heavily.

Jhanvi: Karthik


All his resistance shattered into pieces when Jhanvi said his name, his name never sounded this beautiful. For men, name is a name and they don’t mind getting addresses in any form or nick name as long as it sounds quite decent enough to hear. However, when two women (mother and the woman of their life) call their name, their heart melts, they feel that little tingling sensation in their stomach.

Karthik: Hello Jhanu I mean Jhanvi.

Jhanvi felt guilty to have called him, what a selfish women she was. She didn’t even wish for his birthday for past two years, he however wished for her birthday via Email. Now, she is standing here calling him because she needs help. She disconnects the call quickly. She gazed at her scooter which had ditched her and she was clueless what was wrong. Like many other girls, she doesn’t bother to learn much about the inner aspects of the bike. All she knew was basic stuffs like petrol, choke, air check, etc. She wasn’t sure why her scooter stopped and she was more clueless on how to fix it. She cursed her luck; she never loathed rains this much in her life. She tried as much as possible to protect herself from getting wet. All her attempts to get back home was failing badly, her dad was out of station and no way she can call her mom to come as she might over react. Her best friends were in a party and all her close friends were somehow held up or weren’t picking the call. She wondered was she this lonely? 1000 friends in FB and not even one to help at the time of crisis – Now that’s life! She cursed everyone, the fast track call taxi who asked her to wait for 45 minutes, her boss who made her start late, the weather, and almost everything.

Her phone buzzed, his number flashed. She wondered how once the words “Karthik”, “Sweetheart”, “Apple” flashed in her old Nokia phones. Phone was cheap and small, love was big and huge. Now the Galaxy Grand phone was huge but love is it even there? She picked his call.

Karthik: What happened?

Jhanvi: Nothing.

Karthik: Tell me Jhanvi, you sound so dull.

Jhanvi: Hmmm, Where are you?

Karthik: Office. Jhanvi, where are you? Are you stuck up in some mess? Tell me please.

Jhanvi wondered how come he knows everything about her so deeply. Indeed a relationship of three years would make you understand even the breathing pattern of a person.

Jhanvi: I am two streets ahead of your office. My bike ditched me. It’s raining; I am not getting any auto or taxi.

Karthik: Oh, where exactly are you?

As Jhanvi gives the address he quickly makes a note and pings his boss that he has to leave now due to unavoidable personal chore. Who said men aren’t expressive, they don’t express to the loved ones but their care expresses their love so well than 1000 words could do.

Karthik: Stay right there, I will be there in like 3 minutes. Stay there.

He rushes out of the office and exactly in two minutes 48 seconds a bright red spark car stood in front of her. He came out of the car; her heart did a high jump seeing him after like 2 years. He has changed a lot; he became a lot more handsome. He at last has achieved in getting the six packs or may be even eight packs she thought. He immediately got drenched in the downpour and she could vaguely see his cuts. She felt ashamed for checking him out as if he is a Greek God. She walked towards him.

He stared at her eyes and then at her completely. She hasn’t changed even a little, the same sweet looking, and beautiful girl he met 5 years ago. She looked brilliant in her blue salwar, blue always adorned her beautifully. He opened the car door for her and she smiled at him as she entered and mouthed “Chivalry?” He smiled with that smile which made her go gaga over him.

He got into the car and she asked, “New car? Looks good.” He smiled and said, “yeah, it is. Red.” “I can see that, but why red? You hate it.” “Someone always wanted a red car.” After few minutes of silence, Jhanvi brushed her hair with her hands that accidentally splashed minuscule amount of water drops on his face. He saw her as if he is seeing an angel who flew down from the skies. He came near her and brushed her front fringes away from her eyes. She remembered the times when he always did that. She said, “Sorry, I disturbed you.” “Not at all.”

Karthik: I am Sorry

Jhanvi: Why?

Karthik: You know why?

Jhanvi: I don’t know.

Karthik: For the break up, the fights, and the aftermaths.

Jhanvi: I am Sorry too.

Karthik: Hmmm, congrats.

Jhanvi: For?

Karthik: Jhanvi, the best journalist in South India.

Jhanvi: Thanks, how you know?

Karthik: I read The Hindu madam.

Jhanvi: Congrats.

Karthik: For?

Jhanvi: Youngest employee of the year in TCS.

Karthik: Oh was it in The Hindu?

Jhanvi: Very funny, it was in your FB profile.

Karthik smiled and said “The current profile picture looks good.”

Jhanvi: Even yours, I thought you would not even see my profile.

Karthik: I see it daily since the time you unblocked me.

Karthik kept driving around in the streets of T.Nagar and Jhanvi knew that he was doing it intentionally and she didn’t question about it. After almost an hour of roaming around, he asked “Had dinner?”

Jhanvi: No, you?

Karthik: No. Call Aunty and say you will be late.

Jhanvi: Hmmm

After she finishes call with her mom, they were already in the entrance of Hyatt.

Jhanvi: Hyatt, are you crazy?

Karthik: When you wanted to eat at such places, I was struggling to earn. When I earn sufficient, there was no one to accompany me to these places.

Jhanvi: Let’s go to Murugan Idly Shop.

Karthik: Why?

Jhanvi: No one takes me to Murugan Idly Shop except you and I miss eating there.

Karthik: I thought you hated it.

Jhanvi: You even thought I hated you. You always think wrong.

Karthik smiled and said, “Let’s go to Hyatt today and tomorrow to Murugan Idly Shop if you are ok about meeting tomorrow.”

Jhanvi: Okay, I want to try Pasta Veneto Bar also.

Karthik: I want to eat the Dum Briyani you make Jhaanu.

Jhanvi: I want to listen to you playing “Nenjukul peidhidum” song in your guitar Karthik.

Karthik gave a sideward glance and indicated the guitar on the back seat of his car. Neither had they gone to Hyatt, nor to Murugan Idly shop. Karthik drove the car to his house and he sat on the cooking platform and played “Nenjukul peidhidum” song in his guitar as she cooked Briyani.

*6 months later*

He is a crazy Techie who loves Java and forgets to meet me in Java Green.

She is a weird Journo who scrutinizes not just political situation but is quite a sensation.

He is my Prince Charming… well no he is my sexy Vampire

She is my well… she is my Jhanvi…

We love each other and this wedding is our salvation.





Song that is driving me insane is;

Song name: Locha-E-Ulfat

Album/Movie Title: 2 States

Language: Hindi

Singers: Benny Dayal


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  1. Best of the lot this is 🙂 My personal favorite this post has become..
    1000 friends in FB and not even one to help at the time of crisis – HOW TRUE!
    “If one person really wants us, everyone does. But if we’re alone, we become even more alone”
    I wanna try Pasta Veneto Bar as well. Lets better catch up soon ~ !


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