Woken Up By A Kiss! – A Bolt From The Blue

Hi Folks,

How often have you been surprised by someone? Was there any surprise in your life that made you cry out of happiness? Any surprise, which actually made your day? At times there are certain bolts from the blue that totally wobble your mind so much that you get a mental orgasm. This is one such real incident that happened to me today and the surprise was something that indeed gave me a mental orgasm. Person who gave this surprise, well let’s give a name or shall we address it as HE? I will go with HE for the not so obvious reason.

Being On Top Of The World!
Being On Top Of The World!

I was chatting with a good friend all night long in WhatsApp (which I rarely do); after washing face so many times, rubbing my eyes, yawning, and even eating one ‘dairy milk’ I somehow fell asleep texting him. It might be around 2:50 AM when I dozed off. Sleep is one beautiful thing; I have recently started to fall in love with falling asleep. Especially when I fall asleep and not sleep (yeah, there is a hairline gap between the both. Falling asleep is sleeping without our knowledge, sleeping is forcing our mind to log out from FB because body needs some rest). Seriously man, my brain is one crazy and adamant moron. It doesn’t work the whole day, when I want it to work and when I want to sleep, it starts working in a bizarre fashion. It wants me to blog at the end of the day, write a novel, write my journal, play veena, sing, dance, ping that random guy, argue in that public forum, or post sarcastic comments. My brain is my mother in law; it never listens to me but somehow makes me listen to some of its weird random fetishes. Last night was one such time where my brain was in such a sedulous state that it wanted to ping this friend of mine.

Somehow my poor brain (who was so enervated by over usage) finally allowed my body to rest, thus I fell asleep. As I was cuddling my blankets and happily sleeping well dreaming (that dream was one awesome dream – in my dreams my post became the Top Post in IndiBlogger – Seriously, even in dreams I think only about blogging? :O Weird, I say. Touchwood, soon I wish my post becomes Top Post in IndiBlogger). Well coming back to my scenario, I was merrily sleeping and dreaming, suddenly I felt a peck of my cheek. I was trying to come back to my senses, from my dream, from the IB page. I instantly got back to senses and realized I was sleeping. However, I wasn’t able to open my eyes. I was wondering what time it was. I felt a peck (heavier and powerful than the previous one on my right cheek this time). It felt wonderful, isn’t it? To get kissed, the first thing in the morning. Well, it was insanely awesome stupendous to be woken up by a kiss. Trust me! It seriously gives you a big positive vibe inside you, no matter how tired you are. My mom used to do that when I was small but these days, she actually wakes up with a “Sri, wake up or you will miss your office” warning.

I read somewhere that when you are passionately kiss (or get kissed), make love, wake up with a kiss, or during any such insanely lovable things the name you mention or the person who hits your mind is the apple of your eye or your true love. I wanted to try this for a long time, not that I wanted to experiment it but I wanted it to accidentally happen. I wanted to be woken up by a kiss and realize which name hits my head first. Today, as I felt the powerful kiss without my own knowledge one name came out of my mouth. I opened one of my eyes slow, almost slow and yeah, I was right. How? Was it deep in my thoughts that I know that no one has guts to enter my bedroom and kiss me? Or was it because I know the smell, the touch, the presence so well? If you have known a person for these many years, you will know their presence amidst thousands of people because you can smell them, see them (despite the crowd), and above all feel their charisma. I was shocked, so shocked that I didn’t scream.

Me: You? I mean you are here?

HE: Yes baby, I am here.

Me: I mean I am dreaming, isn’t it?

HE: *kisses on my forehead* No, see I am here.

Me: I wasn’t expecting you until weekend. You lied to me. It’s a surprise, isn’t it?

HE: *laughs adorably* Yes. Surprise.

Me: I am so shocked, I mean … err… hmmm…  *tears engulf my eyes*

HE: I thought of calling you but Vanaja told that you will really feel the surprise if I storm into your bedroom than just calling you.

(Vanaja is S(t)ri’s (well, my) mom).

Me: Mom knows you are here? What did you tell her? Didn’t she ask anything?

HE: Wake up now! Let’s go to see her.

Me: *wakes up and hugs* I still can’t believe you are here.

HE: Wake up! we need to spend some time before you leave to your office.

Me: Huh? Yea, okay.

We leave my bedroom to the hall in the adjacent house (my house is an interconnection of two flats, my room is in one flat and our hall is in another). As I reach home my mom smiled at me and asked, “Surprised?”

Me: Yeah, very much. You got stunned?

Mom: No, I already knew.

Me: Like you know since when?

Mom: Long back, since the tickets were booked.

Me: You didn’t tell me!

Mom: When was the last time you had a surprise? You are a spoilsport.

Yeah, she is right. I am a huge spoilsport when it comes to surprises. Even when it is my birthday, I will nag people that I want this, that and finally I will even accompany them when they shop for me. Thus “surprises and me” is the mother of oxymoron.

Me: Still, only you know?

Mom: Dad knows too!

HE: What? He knows?

Mom: Yeah, I told him. Chill. He is okay. In fact he is excited that you are coming.

We sit in our balcony as my mom brings steaming 3 hot and authentic Filter Coffees and one Nescafe (obviously, the Nescafe is for me). We (HE, me, mom, and one of my elder sisters (who is currently staying with us)) had coffee as we chatted about the train journey, Chennai, my job and other random topics. Gradually my sister and mom left to do their daily chores. I was chatting, hugging, blabbering, and in fact was almost in verge of tears because I was on cloud nine totally.

I am never crazy on anyone as I was on this one particular person. Of course who won’t be crazy on someone who you know for like your lifetime or perhaps even more? I have shared everything. I was myself, my crazy self. HE is the only person who I trusted with all my deepest secrets, wishes, whims, and fancies; one person to whom I rant on a daily basis, who supports me and blindly trusts me, who has never lost hope on me when I was in my worst times, one who cherished my success and motivated during my failures, one who I ranted about all my relationship problems, the one who knows every single of my infinite crushes, the one whose name’s permutation is my password (don’t try cracking it you will fail), the one who I ran to after every failed date or broken relationship, the one who was never judgmental, the one to whom I never asked Sorry or said thanks.

After a while I reluctantly get ready for office. As I have to attend a wedding this evening, I wanted to hunt for a dress to be worn (since my brain was so busy texting and commenting in FB that it clearly thought reminding me to pick a dress wasn’t it’s top priority). HE is a savior as always; my mother gasped in total astonishment as HE tossed a pretty dress and asked me to wear it for my friend’s wedding. When was the last time I said NO when that hazel eyes gazed at me obviously and asked/ordered me to do something? I nodded as I stuffed the dress into my bag. I was all set to move and my mom shouted, “Breakfast, both of you!”

Me: No, it’s getting late.

Mom: You go so early to office, for what? To sweep?

Me: Mom *grrrrrr*

Mom: Seriously, I guess you will be the first person to enter the office.

HE started feeding me those soft idlies made by my mom. We always eat in a single plate and mostly one of us feed the other.

Me: Enough.

HE: Just a small piece.

Me: I am done, it’s getting late.

HE: Okay, Okay! You are done.

As I frantically hunt for my slippers and finally leave my house;

HE: You have unquestionably lost weight and look utterly and breathtakingly sexy.

Me: Ha Ha, you are my inspiration! After all I got your looks, sissy!

Buaaahahhah! Yeah! HE is my sister HEmalatha aka Latha aka Payal. She surprised me by coming down from Hyderabad. I will be busy with her till March 17, 2014 evening. Yeah, she was the special someone I mentioned about in today’s #100HAPPYDAYS. Did I tell you? She is the one who is accompanying me in to the Mast Kalandar restaurant for a Dinner Date (I won #MKEveryDayHero contest and I am going for the dinner date with her using the vouchers I won).


Song that is making love to my brain currently is;

Song name: Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

Album/Movie Title: Murder 2

Language: Hindi

Singers: Mohammad Irfan, Arijit, Saim 


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. That’s a nice surprise…I have a younger sister and can relate to the bond that sisters share. Btw…you chose Nescafe over filter coffee??? What the…? I would kill for a filter coffee now…it’s been too long…


    • Hey, thanks for dropping a lovely comment, yeah Sisters Affection FTW. I don’t know why but I prefer Nescafe over Filter Coffee 🙂 Drop by my home, my mom makes excellent filter coffee!


  2. It’s such a sweeet post Sri, I’ve a sister too and her coincidentally her name starts with ” Sri ” ( Sreeparna ) ..:-D… your post made me nostalgic and I really cherish the memory when two years back my sis flew all over from Mumbai on my birthday to give me the nicest surprise.I ever got.. 🙂


  3. He=Hemlatha…from father, to brother, to husband to it may end in dream ended up in this. You are a bag of surprise n writing. Loved reading it.


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