The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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“Aaaahhh you brat” he screamed as Sahana bit his hands sharply. Lakshmi used this opportunity to pull Sahana away from him and kick on his balls precisely. He groaned in pain and people started surrounding. A middle aged man came near Lakshmi and asked, “Are you okay?” As he tried to come close to her a bossy and dominating voice said, “She is okay, you were smoking when this man tried to kill me and now you are acting like as if you saved her.” Everyone stared at Sahana who was spitting and rubbing her teeth. Lakshmi told softly, “don’t spit on road.” “I feel irritated after biting him, nasty taste.” Everyone laughed and their laughter silenced as Sahana stared back at them. Seeing their sympathetic glances she was more irritated. Vijay, the bulky huge bully woke up from the ground and stared at Lakshmi and the crowd as he walked away. Few of the men gave ideas to hand him over to the police however another bossy voice said, “What is the use, he is in film industry. He will come out just like that.” Lakshmi saw Meenama, her housemaid standing there. She said, “Just now I saw the crowd and came in dear. He was troubling you again, wasn’t he?” “Ya” said Lakshmi feebly.“Leave it madam, all these we should face. Don’t tell your father. He will blame you only.” “True.” “I am going that way only, come I will accompany you.” Meenama is their house maid, a loyal and jovial person. When Meenama suffered from miscarriage almost nine years back and was sitting all alone in front of a government hospital, Lakshmi and her pregnant mother who went that way took pity and brought her to their street. Initially she stayed in their car shed and later they allowed her to make a hut in the nearby open area. Since then she works as house maid for all the houses in that particular street. She has a special liking for Kalyani’s family as they were the one who gave her another chance to live. Since that time Meenama was unofficial member of their family. She even stopped eating non vegetarian since she stayed among the Brahmin people.

“Why you use pan Meenu?” Lakshmi rolled her eyes towards Sahana and said, “Call her akka or aunty. She is so elder and you always call her Meenu.” “Don’t scold the baby dear. She is used to call me that way and I like it. My husband used to call me that way now that he is no more and hear him calling me like that it feels good when she calls me like that.” “You pamper this girl a lot, she needs to learn manners.”

“Kulfi, Kulfi” Sahana screamed. “You were not listening to what I was telling you, did you?” “Kulfi, Kulfi”. “No, mom will scold. Already your exams are nearing and it is little cold” “Kulfi, Kulfi” “Let’s buy one for her. She won’t listen anyways. You know about Sahana” said Meenama as a matter of fact. All three of them got Kulfi. While Meenama and Lakshmi took 3 rupees Kulfi, Sahana insisted on a bigger 5 rupee one. They walked for some more time as they ate the Kulfi. Lakshmi saw that it was almost one hour since they left home, so she nudged Sahana to finish her ice cream soon.

Somehow they wrapped up and as they entered the house Sahana sneezed loudly and she kept on sneezing. Meenama looked at Lakshmi and Lakshmi gazed back at her. Kalyani shot a suspicious look on all three of them.

Please wait till next Tuesday for the sequel of this.


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Song name: Dilko Tumse Pyaar Hua

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Language: Hindi

Singer: Roop Kumar Rathod


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