Love Thyself and Be a Rebel!

Hi Folks,

What if I wake up one day to see everyone else in the world has vanished? What if I am the last person on the earth? How will I survive? Intriguing prompt isn’t it? Who can give such intriguing prompts to me than Indispire – Well, I thought of giving this a miss but I am such a rebel that I don’t listen to myself so here I am blogging about this prompt.

Love Thyself Always!
Love Thyself Always!

As I mentioned you, there is no one in this world right now. I am the last person on this earth. How will I survive? Huh! Wait a second, why should I survive? I mean seriously man, why I should try to survive when I can live! Well, the concept of surviving irritates me. I do accept learning survival instincts are necessary at times of disaster, distress, blah, blah, blah. However, I need to survive if there is someone dependent on me, if not then why should I survive? Instead I will live till the last moment. Yeah, that’s what I am going to do. I am going to live till the last moment.

Now, all through my life I shout and scream at people to leave me alone. The irony here is now that they left me alone, I miss them badly but what’s next? I can’t sit on the couch and keep missing them. Well, I am the last person on this earth and everything else is just intact except human life. However, the power of human life is very essential. Without them all the technologies are going to be waste. I throw my Lumia away. Who needs it when I have no one to connect to? Here is what I am going to do!


For the first few days I use up the groceries from my home and after that I break into nearby grocery stores and take all the essentials I need and stock up my kitchen. I can eat as much as I want or as little as I want. My date is not here so that I don’t need to worry about my perfect figure but still I am still here and my mirrors are here so I want to look fabulous. Well, I will compromise on a heavy and tasty brunch and a light supper.


Damn, I am scared of dogs and their howling, ok howling is too much of a term, barking. I pray to God (am agnostic theist, you see); that I shouldn’t die from dog bites. Then I try to visit various places around my home, the lovely temples. I can have free and lovely darshan of Lord Parthasarathy, Lord Raghavendra. No, I don’t want to risk travelling to Tirupati or Mandralayam because I can’t drive for that long but I will initially try driving buses, Lorries, and even airplanes to small distances.


Love thyself is my mantra for Happiness. I will love myself (again you dirty minds, stay away). I meant will take care of myself, meditate, write things that I would love to read, go to libraries and pick my favorite books, shop in the malls (I don’t have to pay), roam around like a nomad. Drink the tastiest wine, read the most intriguing book, watch the funniest movie, and fall in love with my life. Be a rebel and stand up againist the normal or monotnous thinking.

After a while, I may get bored or exhausted. I may change the routines then. I may run out of food or get attacked my animals. Maybe I will also vanish like other human beings but till then I will live every moment as if it is my last.

“Sri, Sri” called my mom. I look up from my laptop as she said, “Get ready relatives are coming over.” I roll my eyes at her as she walks out of my room. At times like these, I really want all people to vanish so that I can live in peace. 😛 🙂


Song that is making love to my brain currently is;

Song name: Mann ki lagan.

Album/Movie Title: Paap.

Language: Hindi

Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Ooohh!! Alone on planet! The thought alone gives me jitters! I am still wondering if there’s no one left, who will read these posts!! 😛 😛


  2. good one, stri. i’d do the exactly same. u have a gift with words. organizing them in a pattern which becomes comical and magical at the same time.sharing this


  3. Nice take on the prompt ..good use of #EatPrayLove as well Sri :-)..and really if we can’t love our own selves we’ll never be able to love others.

    P.S. I like your picture in white’re looking lovely.. 🙂


  4. That’s definitely a unique way to go about it, though. I would do something similar if I find myself in such a situation as well; would rather go out with a bang in all my glory than try to survive. 😉


  5. Sometimes I to wish to disappear somewhere and love alone but then we are so used too company that if not anything else boredom would kill us. Wonderful take on the prompt.


  6. Being alone is fun for a while but then we all start craving company. Your post made me smile because I would also be happy to be left alone at last, at least initially. Maybe the theaters have spools of films and I can watch them all to my heart’s content. Great post.


    • Yeah, initially it will be awesome. I guess let’s enjoy as much as possible, in given conditions I really want to enjoy being alone 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  7. The prompt reminds me of an awesome movie “I am legend”.
    Living on your own , when left all alone can be horrifying but ya , If we could just follow the above mentioned points , then I guess We can! 🙂 🙂
    A feel good post Sri. 😀 🙂


    • Hey Nikhil, I was about to hunt you down. I was reading your recent post “why shouldn’t you …” post, it was awesome. However, I couldn’t comment only. 😦 I don’t know what was wrong! By the way thanks for dropping your comment. Btw did I welcome you to my blog? Welcome!


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