What Would World Be Without Women??

Hi Folks,

Happy Women’s Day Lovely Ladies!! A big hug and muaaah to all of you. Pat your back on my behalf.

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It's Our Day!
It’s Our Day!

As it is International Women’s Day (IWD) and also because Write Tribe: Festival of Love: Day 7’s prompt is about Women. I am abiding the rules and going to write about women. Do you know this year IWD’s theme is “inspiring change”. Thus, I will be writing about women and inspiration together. They both are synonyms aren’t they? Well, they are. If you want to contradict, get yourself a Cadbury Eclairs.

Today’s post is about the various women in my life and how influential & inspirational they are. I have listed top 5 influential women in my life. The list doesn’t end with the people mentioned alone, as I mentioned in my post on inspiration, I find inspiration from everyone and anyone still due to time and word constraints I wish to mention only about 5 people.

#5: My Niece – Sharmista:

She is a 13 year old girl and not a woman yet still she is someone who inspires me and influences me on a daily basis.

What I learnt from her: To completely be independent.

At her age, I wonder if I was this independent. She is an independent, vibrant, and lively butterfly. I have never seen her ask anyone’s help in picking stuffs, deciding what to wear, carrying her toys, choosing her style, etc. She knows her taste, her class, and acts accordingly. She asks for guidance but never let us complete her homework or project. She even assists her elder brother in his homework.

#4: My Mom – Vanaja:

She is 63 year old women with attitude that is too heavy to handle by anyone. She is so wise, powerful, and patient at the same time.

What I learnt from her: To be stubborn and firm in my decision.

My dad is strict and my mom is supposed to be super cool however when there are decisions to be taken my mom never gets influenced by anyone’s decision easily. She will be firm and can’t be convinced or brain washed. This is both an advantage and disadvantage but at times believing in your decision and not having a wavering mind is a big attribute to be successful.

#3: My School Principal – Late. Mrs. Prem Dulari

My school principal Mrs. Prem Dulari is one awesome woman. She is no more however her every piece of advice, thoughts and quotes still linger in my heart and soul.

What I learnt from her: Patience and compassion.

Until I completed my high school I was so short tempered and arrogant. I was this rich spoilt brat, nasty teenager with tomboy attitude. She was the one who brought the feminine feel in me. She handled even the worst situation with lot of patience and cool head. Being with her makes me feel special and pampered, who ever said “hate should be overpowered by love” was right. Only compassion can overpower anger. Apart from these, I owe my writing skills to her for she is also the one who made me love English.

#2: My English Teacher – Mrs. Ammulu

Mrs. Ammulu taught me English in grade 9 and 10. I lost touch with her after that and I couldn’t contact her yet. If anyone of you (my schoolmates) got her contact do let me know.

What I learnt from her: My Life

Are you wondering what I meant by “My Life” in the previous sentence? Well, she was the one who made me into what I am today. The Writer/The Blogger/The Voracious Reader – In my 9th grade we had this story “The Missing Mail” – by R.K. Narayan. In an exam there was a question which asked us to write a letter from the female protagonist’s point of view after the end of story, I just like every other student wrote something without much effort as it was a totally imaginative and prompt response.

Later after correcting our answer scripts she called me and said, “You have an awesome potential to be a writer, start reading more books. Don’t restrict yourself to Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys, Harry Potter, etc. Read classics, fiction, non-fiction, etc. You will definitely become a good writer.” I didn’t believe it then, still I started reading more books and as time flew by I realized that she was indeed right and writing is what I want to do.

I just want to meet her before release of my first novel and get her blessings.

Most of you would have guessed who it was by now 😉

#1: My Sister – Latha aka Payal

Latha is my eldest sister and she and I have 18 years age gap still we both are doppelgangers 😛 She is one hell of a women.

What I learnt from her: To have complete trust on the people you love.

We all claim that we love someone but how much? Do we truly love them unconditionally? Mostly we don’t. We try to change them to suit our needs, we try to be possessive on them, force them in the name of love and above all quarrel with them and finally we claim it is all part of love. However, true love is when you love the person for what they are, trust them totally, and accept them as such. My sister Payal is one such person, be it loving me, loving her husband, or her kids, she loves us as a whole and she accepts our flaws, appreciates the differences, enjoys the similarities, and trusts unconditionally. I am still learning to love unconditionally from her.

I take this lovely opportunity to thank all these 5 women in my life for being such an inspiration and support. I love you all.


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Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. We all have so many role models and they inspire us, shape us, mould us. All the women who taught you valuable lessons about life are great in their own ways. I have a wonderful niece and she teaches me to be selfless and humble, she is a teacher too.


    • Indeed, I am so lucky. So are you, nieces are god sent angels, aren’t they? Mine is a angel by day, devil by night. She is a total wonder girl.


  2. It an insightful post. An ode to the women who shaped your beliefs in life and it’s heart warming to read about the great souls in your life. What matters is to be independent and take your own decisions in life:)


  3. S(t)ri , you school Principal is right in telling that hate can be overpowered with love only. You do not have to look for inspirations beyond the fence. You mom ,niece , your English teacher etc are close to you.


  4. Good examples.You need not had to go far.The people who inspire you are in your own family and school/college.What a great blessing


  5. Fantastic piece. The brief encouragement from your teacher has brought you to this level. I agree with every word of what you have said about your teacher. My teachers have shaped my life. I owe it to them for what I am today. Thanks


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