How He Caught My Eye? – A tale of modern day relationships! – Chapter 2

Note From S(t)ri:

I got some decent reviews and comments for this blog-novel and I also had followers pinging me regarding the release of next chapter and also regarding publishing of the whole novel. This story might be soon published as a novel. Thus, every alternative Friday I will post a chapter for this blog-novel. Do read it and share your views. Also, share the story with your friends if you like it.

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A Modern FB Story!
A Modern FB Story!

The bright orange rays from the evening sun hit Haritha’s body as she stepped out of her house. She quickly fumbled her handbag for her shades, after a minute of search in her overlarge bag she found the big brown shades which matched her eye color. She wore is as quick as possible and walked out. She normally would have taken her Aviator or her dad’s Swift but owing to the fact that the tailor’s place was just a couple of street away she chose to walk. She plugged the white ear buds of her earphones in to her tender ears which were already over equipped with two piercings that were adorned with copper shaded danglers on her first piercing and a violet stud on her second.

The first song that played randomly was “Bheegi Bheegi” from gangster. Normally, she loved to hear to that song as it brought back all the pain and memories of Karthick back. She loved the pain, although it made her weak and vulnerable she didn’t make any effort to stop it. In fact she wontedly brought back his memories by listening to songs that reminded of him, or by going to places they roamed along. However, today she immediately changed the song and kept on shuffling it until “All you need is love – The Beatles” played. She reached the tailor’s place almost at the same time as the song came to an end.

The tailor was all smiles seeing her, he flashed all the32 Paan stained teeth; no it was 30 as two of the canine teeth were missing in the upper row. She knew that something was wrong; either he didn’t stitch her blouse or he had messed it up. She didn’t want either of this to happen as she badly needed the blouse to be sported on her best friend’s wedding which unfortunately is just 2 days away. She asked in a stern tone, “What happened anna? Have you stitched my blouse?” He replied with fake sweetness, “Almost over madam, just the hooks are left to be stitched. Sit down for a while.” He shouted at the two teenage girl employees, “Switch on the fan. Put that stool for madam.” She silently sat on the stool provided cursing her luck. She has not found even a single tailor in the past two years who stitched blouse properly for her. Being a Jeans-Kurti or Jeans-Tee Shirt type of girl, she didn’t bother about finding a tailor but recently after started wearing sarees which she exclusively does only for her friends’ wedding she badly needed a tailor.

She sat patiently as the lungi-clad tailor fiddled with her blouse. She plugged back her earphones and also turned on her data connection. After few seconds the beautiful “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi” song was disturbed by constant ding-sounds due to WhatsApp notifications. She stopped the song and opened her WhatsApp. She had 151 unread WhatsApp texts and she swore to herself as she noticed that she forgot to mute a group chat. She swiftly muted the conversation and went to check the other messages; there were three chain forward messages from her friends which she deleted without reading completely. She then saw his message, Varun’s message. She opened it eagerly and the two messages read as follows;

Varun: Hey!

Varun:  There are 10 types of people in this world. Those that know binary, and those that don’t.

She giggled pretty loudly that she got the unwanted stare from not the tailor but also the two girl employees. She felt embarrassed and smiled at them back as she re read the text. She had read the ‘10’ as ten the first time and wasn’t expecting the following line to be framed that way.

She replied, “LMAO”. She waited for a moment or so to get his response as his last seen was just two minutes ago. However as he wasn’t responding, she closed the WhatsApp and started to play Temple Run. Although she preferred subway surfers to temple run, she used all her spare time playing temple run just to beat her little brother’s high score on her phone. As she was about to take a turn, the tailor called, “Madam, over.” She felt the vibration of her phone on her hand and she saw the message “Game Over. You fell to your death.” She looked at the screen in despair and got up from the stool and got the blouse from the tailor.

On her way back home the sun has almost taken a break and was subsiding behind the clouds slowly. She walked briskly as she listened to songs. One thing she loved about her locality is that it had the nature’s touch along with urbane feel of Chennai. As she walked she saw dry leaves falling on her from the roadside trees. She brushed them away from her hair. Immediately after reaching home she marched in to her room to check the blouse to her dismay she saw her brother Rahul with his friend Pranav in her room. She wanted to yell, “What are you two doing here?” instead she said, “Hey Pranav, how are you?” Pranav smiled at her and said, “I am fine didi, how are you?” “I am good” she said and thought, “How can I be good if you two people occupy my room and my system?”

She marched outside swiftly and shouted, “Mom, Mummy.” As she wasn’t getting any reply she immediately went to the kitchen to see her mom happily making onion pakodas. Seeing Haritha, her mother said “Got the blouse? How is it? Did it fit?” Haritha was furious, “Why does Rahul always bring Pranav home and why can’t they be in his room? They always stay in my room.” Her mother Padmavathy smiled, “Why don’t you use his room as always? Only in your room the PC is there and they want to do some project it seems.” “Mom, they don’t do project, they play FIFA 14 and other crap.” “Don’t simply blame him” retorted her mom. “Ya, I am the bad one. You always support him. I will talk to dad about this. He is the only sensible person in the house.” Her mother giggled as she said, “that means even you aren’t sensible like the rest of us?” She rolled her eyes and was about to tell something as her mom stuffed a piece of onion pakoda. She munched it and went silently to her brother’s room with a plate of pakoda and a mug of tea. Mothers always know how to shut the kids’ mouth; they either do it with their argument or by emotional blackmail and if both fail they take their awesome cooking skills as a weapon.

She went to her brother’s room and removed her green sleeveless Kurta. She gazed at herself for a while in the mirror. She had the perfect yet healthy hourglass figure – full yet not too wide breasts, narrow but not too tiny waist, and not to mention the fully shaped butts. She put on the blouse and realized that she indeed needed her mother’s help as it back buttoned. She half opened the door called her mom who was nowhere to be seen. She yelled more loudly only to listen to her mom’s voice that yelled back, “Wait for 5 minutes. The pakodas may get burnt if I leave them and come.” She locked the door back and waited in silence. Her mobile buzzed and she immediately opened the WhatsApp to see Varun’s message which read, “Hey, slept off.” She wanted to type immediately but stopped her urge and breathed deeply as she didn’t want to look desperate by replying immediately. She closed the WhatsApp and waited for some more seconds. Exactly after a minute the mobile buzzed again with Varun’s message, “What are you up to? Back from the tailor’s place?” She replied, “Yeah, back just now. I will ping you in ten minutes. Is it fine?” Promptly she got a reply, “Sure, TYT”.

She called her mom again and this time fortunately her mom came immediately and as she helped her daughter button up the blouse she said, “Why you prefer back button to all your blouses? Who will put this for you after marriage? Will you go and stand like this to your mother in law?” Haritha replied, “Why will I stand like this to my mother in law? I will ask my husband to button it up.” “Keep dreaming! Trust me; no guy will button up blouses for a lifetime. They won’t show the same interest in buttoning it up as they show in buttoning it down.” Haritha giggled, “Mom, you are super cool.” Her mom said, “It is not about being cool, you will be married in a year or so. You shouldn’t keep dreaming. I don’t mean that men are bad but I just want you to learn few things about them before entering the marital bliss. No one was there to talk this freely to me.” Haritha could empathize with her mom, to cheer up her mom she said, “Mom, chill. I will learn. Moreover, who is in a hurry to get married now? I have some career goals to achieve.” “You can achieve all those after marriage also.” “Mom, I was about to call you cool and sensible but you aren’t giving me a chance to do so. Do you really think that I can pursue my dreams after marriage?” Haritha’s question left her mom in an unanswerable and awful situation.

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  1. Super 🙂

    On an aside – I have a feeling that I am going to get a wedding invite by March 2015 from you 🙂 – emotions are just overflowing like anything in the writing!

    Good work 🙂


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