Where Will I Go & Search For Inspiration Maa?

Location: My Home Balcony

Time: 7:00 AM

Scene: Me & My Mom’s morning conversation over a cup of coffee.

Mom: I was reading your blogs last evening.

Me: Mmmm.

Mom: Why it is always about urbane modern day romance?

Me: Simply, I don’t know.


Mom: They are good but you have more potential than just writing modern day romance stories.

Me: I will try.

Mom: What are you going to write today?

Me: Something inspirational.

Mom (slaps on my back): Are you mocking me? You want to write something inspirational because I told you to try something different?

Me: No, it’s prompt from Write Tribe: Festival of Words: An Inspiring Story

Mom: Oh. So what have you planned?

Me: Well, nothing much. Maybe I will right about some historical person or a person from real life.

Mom: How will it differentiate your work?

Me: Why should it be different? Prompt is a prompt and however each story will be different in their own way.

Mom: Okay, why you straightened your hair? Why you pierced your nose on the left side? Why you opted for Lumia when you could have got Samsung Galaxy? Don’t tell me that it was because you liked it. That will be a lie. You want to be unique and different than rest of our community people.

Me: Hmmm

Mom: When you want to be different, make your post also different.

Me: Did you happen to befriend my blogger friend Bragz?

Mom: Who is she?

Me: He.

Mom: He :O What does he do? Who is he?

Me: He is an intellectual friend, way more experienced and intellectual than me. He also says I should write differently and I have capacity to do it. I always talk about Prasanna’s Ramblings nah? It is his blog.

Mom: Hmmm, see even he says so.

Me: So?

Mom: Write something different.

Me: I can’t think of anything much, lots of workload and stress. Where will I go and search for inspiration maa?

Mom: Okay, don’t think or search but notice things keenly you will get inspired.

She goes away to cook lunch for me. I sit silently thinking about what she said and was staring at things around me.

My elder sister comes home from temple and as soon as she sees me, she asks, “Didn’t bath yet? You will get late to office. You are grown up yet you want someone to be at back of you to push you inside the bathroom.” I was angry at her for disturbing my thoughts, I stared at her and she broke a big piece of laddu and pressed it into my mouth as she said, “Eat, and don’t tell mom that I gave you before you bathed.” I saw that she has fed me almost 3/4th of the laddu and the remaining ¼ will be shared between her and mom. This happens every other day but I never noticed that she always fed me a big piece. Today my mom’s little talk made me see the routine from a different perspective. I realized that unconditional love can be shown through these small stuffs.


I walked from my home to the railway station and I sat in the bench on the railway station and was engrossed in checking FB notifications as I saw one of my co-passengers sit next to me. I just turned to her side and smiled (which I do on a daily basis). She smiled back as she wiped her tears and for the first time in the past 5 months she made a conversation, “Your dress color is good.” I smiled and said, “Thanks.” She had been sad, I don’t know clearly why but I think my smile inspired her to talk to me, and she started sharing certain personal stuffs and problems about her day to day life and at the end of our journey she smiled more vibrantly and her smile was contagious. It made me feel happy that although I couldn’t solve her problems, I made her smile.


I entered my office and I got a call from my friend and we planned about how to meet up today for a Radio Show which we two were participating. I said her that I was very busy and I can’t change my timings to her convenience since I can’t start earlier or later than the stipulated time. I felt sad to have spoken strictly to her as I had no other go. However, she quickly called and said, “Hey I will adjust my timing and will be at your place at your convenience.” I was happy, so happy that I want to hug her.


Inspiration is not something that you can only derive or feel from one’s success but it can also be found in tiniest and unnoticeable things in your day to day life.

If you are still wondering how I got inspired from the 3 well 4 (including my mom’s conversation) stories then here is the gist;

  1. Mom’s Conversation: I am inspired to find inspiration in tiniest and everyday stuffs. Also, she made me think out of the box.
  2. Sister’s Love: I got inspired from her unconditional love that she expressed through her small gestures. However, if people I love ask me a bigger piece in my Temptations Chocolate I am not going to give it 😛 The rule is excluded for chocolates 😛
  3. My Smile: I am inspired that I inspired and made someone smile with my smile. No matter what Smile graciously and liberally. It costs nothing but earns a lot.
  4. My Friend: At times small adjustments made in relationships may cost you a little professionally but personally you gain a lot of love, trust, and affection.

As I mentioned earlier this is written as response for Write Tribe: Festival of Words: An Inspiring Story.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Awesome post …
    Keep inspiring 😉 🙂

    Your ‘red hash tags’ initially was a bit misleading.. I thought they indicate about the paragraph you are going to start next. ( maybe a demarcation line might help ? )


  2. I loved every bit of your post!! seriously some inspirations are not about success, they are about life!

    And the rule for chocolates, I follow it too! 😛


  3. That was a beautiful post, and I so enjoyed it! From the dialogue with your mum, till you nicely round it up.. And how true it is… These things are so inspirational, if we open up to them:-.) A smile and showing love, so simple and yet so great:-) Thanks for sharing:-)


    • Hello Sugandha, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking time to drop in your comment. I would be glad if you visit my blog more. Inspiration is indeed spread everywhere around us 🙂


  4. True.. We need not search for inspirations everywhere.. It can be got frm the people around us and shared too.. 🙂


  5. This tiny post of yours on tiny incidents in your day to day life inspired me to see things differently,share more and smile a lot.Thank you for the easy reading


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