Tess of the d’Urbervilles – Festival of Words: Book Review

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Source: The Literary Tree

Hi Folks,

Here I am with a book review after a really long time; I don’t generally post reviews be it a book, movie, or product unless it inspires me to share about it. However, today’s Write Tribe – Festival of Words has the prompt as “Book Review”. Therefore, I thought of writing a short and crispy (to the point) review about a Classic – yeah, a classic novel. I was recently gifted this book of Thomas Hardy by a friend and he thought it is high time for me to concentrate on reading classics. I used to read classics in school days but recently I paused reading them and shifted to contemporary writing. I take this opportunity to thank him for putting me back on track because Classics are my first love!

Coming to the book review;

Book Title: Tess of d’Ubervilles

Author: Thomas Hardy

Genre: Classic, Tragedy

Published Year: 1891

Pages: 592

Synposis: The story revolves around Tess, a young lady from rural Wessex. Under pathetic and unavoidable circumstances she falls prey to lascivious Alec d’Urberville and his charms. Although she doesn’t love him, she is pregnant with his child. After a while, the child is born and she names him Sorrow and the child dies soon. She shifts to another place and gradually moves on and marries Angel Clare, however the happy marriage doesn’t last long when they come to know about each other’s past. What happens after this is the crux of the story! Will there be happily ever after for any of them? Will Alec repent and come back? Will Tess accept Alec or will she be accepted by Angel after knowing her past? Too many questions, clearly answered in the novel.


  1. Excellent Narration Style. I fell in love with Angel, got flirty with Alec, pitied Tess, and felt the green Wessex in my room as I read the novel.
  2. Strong plot. The plot surprises you here and there!
  3. A gripping and really tragic end.


  1. A bit distracting at certain places.


Go for it if you love Classics and Tragedies, else give it a miss.



Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


    • Hey Roshan, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your lovely comment. Even I started to read classics again recently. Old Wine, Old Books, Old Friends are simply the best 😉


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