The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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Shankaranathan moved towards the phone and picked it. On the other side he heard “beep, beep, beep” of engaged tone. He cursed a little and kept back the receiver on its place. Sahana and Lakshmi stared at each other as they got up and went to the kitchen. Kalyani kept the stainless steel plate with a thud noise on the floor near Lakshmi. Lakshmi was half angry and half crying; Sahana held her hand softly and smiled at her. Their mom kept dosas angrily on Lakshmi’s plate and dragged Sahana to feed her.

“I don’t want to be fed. I am grown up.” “Ya, ya grow up and hurt me. That’s what growing up is right? Hurting your parents” Kalyani ranted. “Mom, cool down. It is just a movie not any crime.” “What movie?” All three of them turned to see in direction of the door were Shankaranathan was standing. He repeated loudly, “what movie? Are you three planning to go or what?” Kalyani and Lakshmi looked aghast however Sahana smiled and said, “No Daddy, I was asking mom that if I can watch movie in Doordarshan this Sunday evening, and she said no.” He stared at Sahana and said, “What is your rank at school?” She put her head down and said, “3rd rank.” He smiled sadistically and said, “3rd rank. Huh? The I.I.T Gold Medalist’s daughter got third rank. Wow. Great. Now you want to watch movie? Watch and get 10th rank or worse fail in exams.”

As soon as he went away, both Lakshmi and Kalyani hugged Sahana tightly. “Are you mad or what? Why do you have to put the blame on your head? You could have told that I wanted to watch or I watched.” ”Whatever he says doesn’t hurt me much, but you two are sensitive and might cry. He also scolds me less because I am little nah? He might scold you people more” said Sahana as a matter of fact. Lakshmi and Kalyani stunningly watched the little girl’s sportiveness and insight towards life.

Later that night, Lakshmi and Sahana went to walk in the maada veedhi (streets surrounding the temple). Only reason why they are allowed for a night walk is that doctor advised Lakshmi to have straight walks in fresh air to get rid of her menstrual troubles. Sahana tried so hard to keep in pace with Lakshmi. “Hey you Ms. runner, walk slow.” “Runner, why you call me like that?” “You are runner aren’t you? You won best runner award in our school during school, nah?” Lakshmi laughed for the first time since the time she had that fateful ice cream and she corrected Sahana, “It’s not runner, it is athlete. Say ‘athlete’”. Sahana twisted her mouth to one corner and said, “Whatever. All are same”.

Lakshmi didn’t want to correct her so she changed the topic, “So how you know I am a athlete I mean a runner?” Sahana giggled, “You are so dumb. You are my sister and I will know about you.” “No, tell truly I have never mentioned it to you, nor amma or appa would have told. There is no cup outside in the house. I have hidden all the cups also from dad.” Sahana smiled and said, “Your name is written in big board in assembly hall. It says ‘Best Outgoing Student – Sports Category’. I asked my class teacher about this and she told that you were an athlete err what a tough word, yeah whatever it is you are runner she told.”

Lakshmi asked, “So you want to be a runner too?” Sahana did a face and said, “no ways, walking itself is tiring why will people run? Moreover I am not able to say the word athl.. err whatever it is.” Lakshmi laughed loudly and asked, “Okay, what you want to become then?” Sahana thought for a moment and said, “Mom wants me to be big professor like dad. Dad wants me to be a doctor. You want me to be a teacher. Uncle and Aunt want me to be a lawyer. I am so confused.” “Don’t worry, you have time to choose. You can be whatever you want.” They smiled at each other but the smile lasted just for a moment as a bulky, dark, and troublesome man pulled Sahana away from Lakshmi and asked, “Talk to me properly or I will hurt this little girl.”

Please wait till next Tuesday for the sequel of this.

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