The Spare Key!


Vijay never had a need to use the spare key to his apartment till today, for Shilpa is the caring, lovely, and dutiful wife. Shilpa always opened the door for him at exact time of his arrival; she enquires about his whereabouts, his health and food routine when he is on trips; these tiny gestures always made him feel that they both are this lovely couple who are compatible and complete. Today he thought of giving a little surprise to Shilpa by coming a day before than the pre planned date of return.

He reached his house with her favorite lavender orchids and a box full of Ferrero Rocher amongst various other goodies that he had got from the trip. He discreetly opened the main door of his apartment using his spare key and as he turned the knob he was in for a surprise. She was dressed in a lovely red baby doll outfit and arranged a candle light dinner in their low roof facing the pool. He was suspicious; “for whom has she dressed up like this and arranged such a exotic dinner date”, he thought.

As he neared the table he saw the cake’s icing which read, “To my lovely husband for being mine now, then, and forever”; he was astonished to see that and then he remembered it was his anniversary and even she surprised him with this lovely dinner date. “Shilpa, I am overwhelmed and thankful to you”, he said; “thank our bank’s sms notification system they informed me about your booking when you used our joint account debit card.”

This piece of fiction has exactly 9 sentences and it is based on the picture prompt shown above. This post is written as a response to Write Tribe Wednesdays Prompt and Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 – Day 1 – 9 Sentence Fiction.

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I am S(t)ri


  1. This reminded me of a colleague whose credit card alerts were received on the wife’s mobile number. I remember, once we pushed him to send flowers on their anniversary to surprise her as he was traveling and guess what the wife called him immediately…the entire surprise thingy flopped!! 😀


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