How and Why I Play Safe With My Hair? – #DovePlay

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Hair – Don’t we all love them, girls? Well, at least the hair on our head! My niece questions me “Sri, do you hate hair so much? You wax, thread, bleach, or shave always.” I was aghast because when people say hair I get reminded of the hair on the head and not facial, body, or public hair 😛 It took me a moment to understand what she asked and then I told her, “It’s not about hating your hair, Hair is awesome and I love them when they are on your head, not elsewhere.” She dutifully nodded and asked me a trickier question, “If you love your hair so much, why do you torture it by straightening, curling, etc?” I should really appreciate her intelligence and the way she links my response into her next question, I smiled at her and said, “It’s not torturing dear, it is playing with your hair.”

#DovePlay – This will be my next hairdo! Cool – ain’t it?

She didn’t look convinced, she went on with her next question, “Why do you play with your hair?” Now, I stopped being the good aunt who is answering her question in a simple and obvious manner. Instead I started to play my cards right by questioning her back, “Do you love Snooby?” Snooby is her favorite teddy bear. She was all smiles as she heard the word Snooby, she cheerfully said, “Yeah, I do”. “There you go”, I thought. I asked her, “So, why do you play with it or in your own terms torture it?” 😛 Arguing or discussing with kids needs a lot of patience and smiles. You need to ask them sensible questions with a warm heart and love filled eyes; else they may end up fighting with you or worse crying.

She gave a puzzled look but she responded quicker than I expected (after all, she is my niece – unpredictable niece of the unpredictable S(t)ri), “Okay, I get it. So tell me how to play with hair?” We sat comfortably on our cozy couch and she lied down on my lap. She was playing with the long strands of my straight hair as she continued, “So, we will play by pulling you hair like this?” I was afraid as she pulled my hair, who doesn’t when someone pulls our hair. Thankfully, my hair didn’t fall or come out in her fingers. I faked an ouch-feeling and she stopped pulling my hair. I was relieved and I said, “It is simple. Girls are lucky you see. We have long hair which we can sport it any way we want. I have straightened it recently, after few months I will do perming to make it curly.” She was excited, “Wow, like Shravs of Happy Days?” I replied, “yeah, and like Bellatrix of Harry Potter”. She gave a disgusted look and said, “Yucky, Do like Shravz”. I nodded.

My sister came inside our room and she clearly has overheard our noisy hair-play conversation from the hall and she said “So what are you other hair play fetishes, Sri?” I literally LMAO when she said the phrase “hair play fetishes”. My niece clearly didn’t understand it, so she gave a quizzical look and I assured her that it was nothing funny and I over reacted. I went on ranting about my so called ‘Hair Play Fetishes’. “I want to have several hair styles. I want to have the Anjaana Anjaani Priyanka Chopra Cut, Dostana Priyanka Cut, Kangana Hairstyle, Cocktail Deepika Cut.” My sister said, “Okay, let’s visit Habib’s soon.” I smiled as I continued, “I want to have streaks in purple, after a while I want to color it burgundy.” “Wow, purple and burgundy, that’s a real fetish now” she said.

My niece was enjoying my ‘so called hair fetishes’; she asked, “Won’t it damage hair? Nani (my mom – her granny) always says if you don’t oil your hair or if try different hairstyles it will spoil your hair.” My sister promptly replied, “That’s why Sri does #DovePlay instead of just hair play. She uses Dove Elixir Oil Dryness Care, Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. That’s why she has so much trust and confidence to #DovePlay with her hair.” We showed her this video and explained how awesome it is to play and experiment with one’s hair.

As she smiled looking at the video, I said, “Yeah, I #DovePlay, if you two want to want to play with your hair and you feel dryness, hair fall, or non-shiny hair is the trouble then it’s high time you should start to #DovePlay.” My niece pulled me closer and kissed on my hair and said, “#DovePlay makes your hair not only strong but it has a pleasant smell too.” I smiled as I oiled her hair with my Dove Elixir Oil Dryness Care. She was not so happy about getting oiled and asked sadly, “I should have oil on my hair all day long?” My sister replied this time, “Have you seen Sri with oil in her hair? That’s the magic of this oil; you can wash it in 30 minutes.” That convinced her and from that day she started using Dove. Hopefully, she will start #DovePlay soon with an epic cut. I prefer she go for a funky cut like Katrina of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

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I am S(t)ri



    • Hi Ragini, Welcome to my blog. Thanks a lot for dropping by. They are so inquisitive. I think if there is a PhD for tackling inquisitive nieces I should apply for it because I got so much experience by handling just one.


  1. I get really excited when I find a blog hosted on WP at IB 😛 this post was really good and i hope you can make your niece happy with the salon vouchers.. I will be eagerly awaiting to read the back from the dead story 🙂


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