From “Et tu Brute” to “Brute, my savior, my friend” – Rewritten History

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Assassination of Julius Caesar
Assassination of Julius Caesar

Guess What? My favorite has come up with this lovely concept of “IndiSpire”. If you are an IndiBlogger then you would know about it, for those who don’t here is a brief sum-up. IndiSpire (Inspire) is a new feature in IndiBlogger which will prompt every IndiBlogger to write on a common topic or prompt. Cool, ain’t it? The first prompt is “Put yourself in the shoes of any historical figure, and describe at least one thing you would do differently.  #RewriteHistory “.

Here is my response:

Historical Figure I want to be: “Marcus Junius Brutus”

Why? I love Julius Caesar Play since school days and the “Et tu Brute” bothered me a lot!

Original History:

Brutus was originally persuaded to join the conspiracy against Caesar by the several other senators. Brutus agreed to conspire against Caesar since Caesar’s king-like behavior irritated him. The conspirators (including Brutus) planned to assassinate Caesar on the Ides of March (March 15) 44 BC. On that eventful day, Caesar was actually delayed going to the Senate as his wife, Calpurnia, was convincing him not to go. The conspirators feared the plot had been found out, but Brutus persisted and waited for Caesar’s arrival. It is also said that when Caesar realized even Brutus was one of the conspirators he gave in to fate as he covered his face with his toga.

How am I going to #RewriteHistory? (In my point of view, if I am Brutus) Stri aka Brutus’s Diary:

No one can persuade me to create conspiracy against my best friend. Of course, I do have problems with his haughty king-like behavior but that doesn’t mean I can be persuaded or convinced to assassinate my best friend. I will sit and sort out my problems with him, still if he chooses to not follow my advice I might ignore it after all he is my best friend.

Gaius Cassius Longinus – Who the hell is he to convince me, that too to kill my Caesar? Well, I don’t have that many forces to fight back; if not me, they might take help of someone else from our side. I want to kill that bloody ******* this moment. However logically, let me act like their man and do the spy job for Caesar.

Well, they are planning to murder Caesar on the Ides of March this year. Senate is the place they have chosen. This is the right time to inform Julius Caesar and Mark Antony so that they may join more forces and we might fight back against those conspirers.

Conclusion: Julius was saved and the time-honored “Et tu Brute” is replaced by “Brute, my savior, my friend.”


  1. This is just my take and my imagination on how I would have taken the conspiracy concept if I was Marcus Junius Brutus.
  2. I would have written in the archaic English but I am not well versed in it so I struck with the modern English.
  3. I wanted to write this in current Era – What if Julius lives in 2014 and was conspired to be assassinated? I have a humorous response in mind which I will post back for some other prompt as this prompt was #RewriteHistory based one.

I am going out of city for Vacation. I will be back by Monday with a lovely post and lots of photos.

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I am S(t)ri


  1. That was an interesting twist. It’s one of my favorite plays and even I was always kinda bothered of the “Et tu Brute” part! Cheers to that well written post 🙂


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