The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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“There is no use in accusing her. All these embarrassments are because of your upbringing. Don’t you feel ashamed to have brought up a daughter in such an immoral way? What else can I expect from a rural, ignorant woman like you?” Shankaranathan’s voice lingered in to Kalyani’s ears constantly. Her worst fear came true when he had seen Lakshmi outside with her friends. She wiped her tears with the end of her Saree as she made rotis.

Lakshmi quietly entered in to the house unaware of the fact that her house just witnessed an earthquake in form of her father. She stealthily went inside the kitchen and she was aghast seeing her mother in tears. “What happened amma?” “Nothing.” Lakshmi was genuinely worried, “Say ma, what happened?” Sahana replied, “Dad saw you with your friends while you were sharing and eating ice cream with your friends.” Lakshmi’s face went pale she was clueless about what should be done. She apologized to her mom. “Amma, Sorry. I didn’t expect this would happen. I told my friends that I won’t come they forced me.” Kalyani was silent as she continued to make Rotis.

Sahana dragged Lakshmi to their room and start ranting about her day’s activities at the school. Lakshmi was listening half mindedly. Sahana looked and her sister and asked, “You are not listening. Are you?” Lakshmi responded, “No, I am upset. What did Appa say? He scolded very badly?” “What else you expect him to do?” asked Sahana as a matter of fact. She continued, “He was very angry, he saw you sharing and eating ice cream and said ‘ecchai ice cream thingara’ (sharing and eating)” Lakshmi questioned, “Why he went outside?” Her sister obediently replied, “I think he went to buy bulbs.”

Before Lakshmi could answer anything her mother came into the room and said in a harsh voice, “Sahana come and eat dinner. Ask her also to come provided that she didn’t eat outside and is full already.” Lakshmi was in verge of tears, “Amma, for god’s sake it is just one ice cream ma. I didn’t roam with a lover or something.” Her mother rolled her eyes and Lakshmi knew from that look that she has used a wrong term to argue since the word “love or lover” is a taboo in their house. Her mom said with a tone of sarcasm, “Yeah, only that one thing you didn’t do still now. Do that also and let me commit suicide.” As her mom went away from her room, Lakshmi hugged Sahana and burst out crying, after few seconds Sahana hushed her to be silent and they heard the phone ringing. Little did they know that Saravanan was calling and Shankaranathan was just a fraction of second away from picking it.

Please wait till next Tuesday for the sequel of this.

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