How I Wished – Write Tribe – 55 Fridays

Hi Folks,

The Write Tribe’s 55 words on 3rd Fridays prompt for this month is “How I Wished”. Here are my responses for it.


My life is full of smoke and mirrors, Sanjay, my husband is having affair with his colleague. To add more pain as I reached home I saw my 5 year old daughter Sharmista crying. “What happened?” I asked. “This Gems pack doesn’t have blue color”. How I wished my worries were as simple as hers.


As I started to office, I called my sister (who stays in Hyderabad).

Me: Hello di

Sis: Hi dear

Me: Hey what are you up to?

Sis: Hey, I was just cooking Mint Rice, and onion Raitha.

Me: Damn, my favorite food.

Sis: I know right? How I wished you could be here for lunch.


Tanya came out of the airport with tears on her cheeks which resembled dew drops on a broad leaf. She thought “How I wished, I had proposed to you Shravan.” Few blocks away inside the plane Shravan saw Tanya’s picture on his phone wallpaper and wondered, “How I wished, I had proposed to you Tanya.”

All the three stories were written in precisely 55 words for the contest 55 on Friday – 2014 – 2

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. I like the first one most owing to its simplicity. It’s amazing how we assign weightage to magnitude of our problems. A good read.


  2. Lovely takes on the prompt!! Loved them all!! How I wish life was as simple as a child’s!
    your second take makes me homesick!! missing mom-made food! 😛


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