How He Caught My Eye? – A tale of modern day relationships! – Chapter 1

Hi Folks,

I thought of starting another blog novel. I am already writing “The Unbreakable Bond” on Tuesdays. I thought how about writing another. I am still confused whether to write or not, even if I write should I write a full fledged one or a short one? Well, I wrote one chapter here. If readers give nice responses and if they are eager then I may pen the next chapter. Read through and share your thoughts! Contrary to my previous blog novel which was set in 1993, this is set in 2014.

A Modern FB Story!
A Modern FB Story!

Haritha was lazily browsing through the newsfeed and on the left corner of her screen showed a notification with a ding sound accompanying. It read “Varun Narayan poked you”. She tried to recollect who he was as the name “Varun Narayan” seemed familiar. She opened his profile and went through the pictures which were viewable to public audience. Although his profile picture was privacy protected, she could see all his cover photos and few of the photos where he was tagged. He looked handsome, not breathtakingly handsome but the handsome-handsome type which made girls stare for an extra moment. She saw his ‘about’ section and checked his schooling, college, work, etc. She saw the following details;

Software Engineer at Accenture, Chennai

Studied at SRM University

Past: D.A.V Public School, Safilguda.

Lives in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

From Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh.

She poked him back and went to see through his likes on music, books, movies, TV Shows, etc. She found a lot of things similar. She suddenly felt like a stalker and she closed the tab right away and continued browsing her newsfeed. She saw her messages icon showing ‘18’. She opened the messages folder and quickly went through the messages without opening the individual messages. Most of them were from her distant cousins who she had met in some wedding, her office colleagues, and some random guys she befriended through online groups. All the messages were more or less in the same format. The templates used in the messages were like;

Hi Haritha, How are you? You are so cute.

Hi Hari, Why no reply ya?

Heyyyy Nice profile picture.

Y no reply me dear. I seek genuine friendship.

Why you add me when you know reply to me?

She was completely pissed off and she didn’t want to open the messages because the ‘seen’ timestamp would pop up on those people’s screen if she opens this. She was about to log out when she saw a new friend request. She half heartedly opened it to see it was “Varun Narayan” and for the first time in past few weeks she clicked the ‘Confirm’ button.

After a few minutes she got a message “Hey”. She replied after a moment with a “Hey”. The conversation started to flow smoothly after that;

Varun: How are you? How was the day till now?

Haritha: Good. How about yours?

Varun: Well, mine was little boring. You should have guessed it when I poked you.

Haritha: Ha ha, right back at you. Same here totally bored.

Varun: Yeah, all through the week we expect Sundays but once they arrive we don’t know what to do. Irony.

Haritha: Yeah, I think we commented in some post in Chennai Foodie group right?

Varun: Yeah, you are there in TamBrahm too. Aren’t you?

Haritha: Yup man. You are there too?

Varun: Duh!

Haritha: So that’s like 10 similarities by now.

Varun: :O o.O

Haritha: Why confused look?

Varun: I mean what are those 10 similarities?

Haritha: Well, I will tell you but you shouldn’t think that I am a stalker.

Varun: Ah, alright! Tell me.

Haritha: Foodies, DAV Public School (I am from Chennai DAV), Lives in Chennai, The Beatles, Paulo Coelho, Scorpio, Salsa Dance, Rajinikanth, Tamil, Brahmin.

Varun: Awesome. I too found few things apart from this but well again you should not think that I am a stalker.

Haritha: Sure. Tell away.

Varun: Non-teetotaler, Cosmopolitan Magazine Reader, A1 Negative Blood Group, Potterhead.

Haritha: Wow, but how? I mean I didn’t notice those.

Varun: Lol xD, I remember seeing you searching for A1 negative blood donors in some group. Your friend asked you why you yourself can’t donate, you said for obvious and no so obvious reasons and I thought you were non-teetotaler.

Haritha: Ha ha, yeah that was 2 weeks back but that day I wasn’t drunk. I drink rarely. It was for the non obvious reason.

Varun: Oops, got it! 😉

Haritha: Oh really, by the way why didn’t you donate?

Well, lemme guess. You had alcohol?

Varun: On the contrary, no I didn’t. I was in Bangalore for a friend’s wedding.

Haritha: Cool. So, what else?

Varun: Well, shall I ask something?

Haritha: Sure, Shoot!

Varun: Are you single?

Haritha: Yeah. Just out of a relationship.

Varun: Oops, Sorry about it.

Haritha: Well, it’s alright. It has been 5 months and I am trying to get over it.

Varun: Shit happens.

Haritha: What about you?

Varun: Time for another Hi5, broke up recently with my second girl friend.

Haritha: Oh, Sry about it!

Varun: Chill, we weren’t serious. She left to USA for her masters and we didn’t think long distance would work out.

Haritha: Oh. Okay.

Varun: So, you are a movie critic? That’s so different and wow.

Haritha: Yeah, I know. I work with Behindwoods.

Varun: Yeah, saw it. So you are the one who wrote Jilla gets 3.5 and even Veeram gets 3.5 stars.

Haritha: lol xD.

Varun: xD.

Haritha: Siblings?

Varun: None, you have?

Haritha: Brother, younger.

Varun: Thank god.

Haritha: Why? :O

Varun: Younger brothers are less dangerous.

Haritha: :O how is it so?

Varun: Oh Ms. Movie Critic, saw Vinnaithandi Varuvaya? The bossy and dominant elder brother – that’s how elder brothers are.

Haritha: What made you think younger brothers aren’t dangerous?

Varun: I didn’t say they aren’t dangerous. They are less dangerous. Like the Manju of 2 States. May be I can tutor him on how to get into SRM 😛

Haritha: LMAO, ha ha. Well, my brother is already in SRM; first year automobile engineering student.

Varun: Ohh, cool. By the way what did you do in Anna University? I could just see you studied in Anna University. You did media degree there?

Haritha: No, I did Electrical Engineering from there.

Varun: :O Nerds.

Haritha: Accenture people shouldn’t tell that to ones like me.

Varun: LOL xD.

Haritha: So…

Varun: Let me know if you brother needs any help in SRM, I can tutor him.

Haritha: Oh really, you did dual degree or what CSE and Automobile?

Varun: Ha ha, nice joke girl, but you know engineering graphics can be nasty and it is common for all the batches. I can teach him. I got 90 in it, believe me.

Haritha: In that case, I myself can teach him since I got 92. 😛

Varun: Okay, you win! Will I sound cheesy if I ask you out in a conventional way of “Would you like to come out with me for a cup of coffee?”

Haritha: Damn, I expected that coming.

Varun: Oops, anyways I didn’t ask yet. I am asking you if I ask you out will you think I asked you out in a cheesy way.

Haritha: Word Play? 😛 I might not think that you asked me out in a cheesy way on the contrary I might think that you asked to ask me out in a cheesy way. So logically asking out wasn’t cheesy but asking to ask me out was.

Varun: Oops, I didn’t expect that. So?

Haritha: So?

Varun: Well, Coffee?

Haritha: Hmmm… I will think about it.

Varun: Girls -_-

Haritha: Boys -_-

Varun: What?

Haritha: What What?

Varun: Girls want guys to ask them out but when we do you people sulk away. I just can’t understand your lot.

Haritha: Ha, ha. Okay.

Varun: Okay? For?

Haritha: For coffee.

Varun: Thanks, I felt comfortable talking to you, generally I am not this out going or talkative. It’s just that we are similar at least from what we know about each other till now.

Haritha: I can correlate same here.

Varun: Awesome. So, when?

Haritha: Well, next week end? Today I might go out with mom.

Varun: Cool. Let’s freeze it next Saturday then. CCD, Anna Nagar?

Haritha: Well, Anna Nagar CCD? Why can’t it be EA-CCD?

Varun: Hmmm, EA CCD is like a fish market, totally crowded.

Haritha: Yeah, true. Well, okay. Anna Nagar is cool.

Varun: How will you be coming? Driving?

Haritha: Yeah, hopefully.

Varun: Where are you put up?

Haritha: Llyods Road.

Varun: I will pick you up, I live in Mylapore.

Haritha: Sure, and listen I have to go. I should have gone to the tailor’s place long time back.

Varun: Sure. You have WhatsApp?

Haritha: Yeah. Send me your number. I will add you and buzz you from there.

Varun: Okay. Take care. Btw this is my number 988*******

Haritha: Noted, Mr. Techie, I have sent a text. Store my number. I’ll buzz you in a while.

Varun: Sure. And Mr. Techie? Lol xD

Haritha: He he, if am Ms. Movie Critic, you are Mr. Techie.

Varun: Okay Ms. Intelligent.

Haritha: Bye, Mr. Clever 😛 this time am seriously logging out.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Good one! Reminds me of my conversation that I had with a girl.

    Keep posting. I like your language and it’s intriguing!


    • Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy reading my rantings. Thanks a lot Anand. I am glad that you can correlate yourself with my story’s characters.


  2. Interesting 🙂 But I thought friend requests were accepted at the end of the 1st conversation atleast 😛


  3. V and H are suspiciously similar to two people who I know…. 🙂 good – if you decide to publish. Publish this one first it is going to be more popular with the current readership crowd 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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