At Times It’s “Better Never Than Late”

imagesKiara stood still on the weighing machine; her long straightened hair fell gracefully on her back. As she tried to brush some strands away from her face Kunal shouted, “Stand still Kiara.” “Okay, Sorry.” After a few seconds he said “Well it is 51Kgs, Congrats!” Kiara smiled and said, “Thanks Kunal, it was all because of you.” Kunal is Kiara’s childhood best friend, a gym buff by passion, and journalist by profession. “Kiara, more than my help it was your hard work and determination that made you lose 22 Kgs in 6 months. Pat yourself.” As Kiara bid bye to him he asked her, “When are you coming to Shilpa’s Sangeet?” Shilpa is Kunal’s elder sister; to be precise she was like a sister to Kiara also. “I will quickly take a trip to the shopping mall for last minute shopping and meet you at your house by afternoon.”

As Kiara drove from Gym to the mall, she thought of Rohan. She thought of the beautiful times they had together, the love they shared. It was magical, because Rohan was Kiara’s first love and vice versa. Somewhere in the middle of their 3 years relationship problems arose when Kiara had put on loads of weight due to a medical condition PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder). That one year of her relationship with him after she gained weight was literally a hell. Finally, 8 months back she broke up with him. She tried to brush away his thoughts and tried to recollect what all she had to buy in the mall.

She finished shopping quickly and reached Kunal’s house. Kunal, was her support system during those hardships. He helped her in loving herself; Rohan broke her completely by his harsh words while Kunal boosted her confidence and helped her to overcome both the disease as well as the inferiority complex. She still remembered the conversation she had with Kunal 8 months ago. She had asked, “Am fat ain’t I?” “No dear, you are chubby!” he said. “He didn’t love me because I was fat, he felt ashamed to take me out because I am fat. He started roaming with other girls. I was trying to reduce weight but still he made me feel like an ugly bitch.” He had hugged her and told, “Chill, it’s all over. You have left him for good. Be with the person who brings the best in you and not the worst.”

Kunal hugged her and asked, “Oye, where are your thoughts princess? Well, eat this bournville it has been a long time since you had chocolate” Kiara came back to the present and smiled at Kunal who was handsome in his Blue Sherwani feeding her Bournville. Shilpa cleared her throat and said, “Ahem, Ahem, I am here too, someone love me also.” Kunal & Kiara blushed and stole glances. Shilpa took her Samsung S4 and clicked the picture perfect moment and said, “Now, that goes into Facebook,” Kunal screamed, “No, No. Don’t upload. Kiara hasn’t uploaded a single picture in past 8 months. She is wearing the lehanga which she wore 1 year back on her brother’s wedding and she wants to put the contrast in her weight first before she uploads any other recent picture.” Shilpa shot a quizzical look, “Are you two brand ambassadors of VLCC Slimming Program or what?” Kiara said, “No, It is to show some moron that looks fade in and fade out but the individual and their character are the things that matter.” “Roger that”, said Kunal. Shilpa smiled and said, “Okay, I won’t upload unless you both want me to.”

As Kunal left the room to give some privacy to the ladies, Kiara opened her facebook to check her notifications and saw that she had got a message from Rohan which read, “Am Sorry, I miss you lot. I was such a jerk. Will you come back to my life?” Kiara was surprised, she didn’t expect Rohan to come back and beg. She was awestruck and didn’t know what to reply to him. Shilpa asked, “Kunal promised me that you both will officially announce to everyone about your relationship on my wedding, remember?” Kiara replied, “I am doing it.” Shilpa asked, “Uh?” “Check my facebook timeline di”, said Kiara with full of smiles. Kiara’s timeline showed “Kiara Singh added a life event from February 02 2014 – In a relationship with Kunal Kapoor”. Shilpa’s face turned red in happiness, “At last after 3 months; and why can’t I see this in his profile, ask him to approve the tag. I am so happy.” Kiara hugged Shilpa and they screamed like a bunch of teenage girls. Kunal peeped in and asked, “What happened? Lizard or Cockroach?” Shilpa half screamed and half singed, “See your facebook.” Kunal approved the tag with a bright smile on his face and he hugged Shilpa and Kiara while saying, “Wait till mommy sees this. She will be so happy.” Kiara interrupted and said “Or maybe she will be sad that we told her through facebook, let’s better meet her and tell it before some of your nosy aunts go and inform her”.

Miles away in Bangalore Rohan saw Kiara’s life event and felt that “He was too late”. He stared at his screen for too long regretting the message which he sent to her an hour ago.

This short story was written as a response to the Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 7 by Write Tribe.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Love this line, Be with the person who brings the best in you and not the worst.” Superb and compelling read, Sri:) Sometimes, we face to appreciate things and people close to us and when we do, it’s too late.


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