The Dress Therapy – Analysis on Love & Compatibility!

Love & Compatibility
Love & Compatibility

Nirosha stood in the middle on the two way road in front of Olympia Tech Park, Guindy. She had crossed one of the roads and waited to cross the other road. Her phone buzzed with “tu bin bataye”, she knew it was Sushma, her best friend. When your best friend calls you should attend the call even if that will cost your life – that is the unsaid rule of friendship. It might be silly but Sushma’s call is important to her than any other thing in the world. She swiped the screen to answer and said, “Hello”. Sushma responded in a vivacious voice, “Where are you? Reached Office or what?” “Yet to, honey. Just few steps away from office. Wait! I am about to cross the road” said Nirosha in a hasty manner. She tried to cross the road as fast as she could and said “Hey, am back, tell me now” on the phone.

Sushma asked “So how are things going?” “I don’t know, I am still confused. I think I am still hung over him” replied Nirosha. Sushma empathized, “I understand but it’s been almost 6 months and maybe you should let it go. Vinay is your past, don’t spoil your future thinking about him.” Nirosha had heard this advice for some infinite times in the past 6 months. Her mother, her sister, her best friend, and even her house maid advised her on this issue. Nirosha said in a completely irritated tone, “You called me so early to talk about this? I can’t believe it. Even you don’t understand me”. The call got disconnected as the elevator escalated from the floor. Nirosha was sure that Sushma would have misinterpreted that the call had been disconnected by her in anger. She hastily tried to call Sushma but there was no signal.

As if adding oil to the fire, the elevator stopped at every single floor before it reached the 7th floor where she finally came out of the bothering elevator. As soon as she came out of it, Sushma called and Nirosha answered it with apologies, “Sorry, I didn’t disconnect the call. I was in the lift.” Sushma smilingly said, “It’s alright.” Nirosha again apologized for shouting at her best friend. Sushma asked, “So what are you going to say to Krish? He is such a nice guy, we know him since school days and it is highly fortunate that your mom has brought this alliance by herself. Seriously, who gets such an easy chance to marry their own best friend without any hurdles from their parents?” Krish was Nirosha and Sushma’s childhood friend. He is a really supportive friend and she had known him for almost 15 years now. They both are so compatible.

Krish is that guy best friend to whom she craves to tell about every amazing thing in her life. He was never afraid to point out her flaws; he had saved her from all those stupid, silly, not so worthy dates. She calls him in middle of his office hours to rant about her problems. Every time she explains about her perfect guy she was imagining him but why did she friendzone him for all these years? Was he too sweet? Her thoughts were disturbed by Sushma’s voice, “Are you there? Do you love him or not?” “I don’t know. He is compatible and nice but I think I still love Vinay.”

Nirosha expected Sushma to shout at her but instead she asked politely, “What dress are you wearing?”  Nirosha said jokingly, “Damn, from when did you change your sexual preferences? It’s not legal in India you see!”  Sushma scorned, “Shut up you b*tch. Now tell me what are you wearing or at least tell me what your favorite dress is?” “Well, you know it right. My favorite dress is the black cocktail dress which we got in Westside.” “Okay, how many times you wore it still now?” Nirosha thought for a while and replied, “Twice or maybe thrice.” Sushma asked in a proud tone, “How about the blue kalamkari salwar that we bought in pantheon road? Is that your favorite? Do you like it?” Nirosha was quizzical; she was sitting in her desk and somehow replying to all the baseless questions asked by Sushma patiently but this one really got on her nerves. She said in a harsh tone, “What is the relation between my dresses and the discussion we were having about my marriage?” Her friend said calmly, “I will explain but before that answer my question about your blue dress.” Nirosha was still pissed off yet she tried to respond as calmly as possible, “Well, I didn’t like that dress much when I got it. Remember, you forced me to buy it saying that it will suit me so I bought it. Uhmmm… Well after using it, it was so comfortable to wear and everyone complimented me that it suited me perfectly so as a matter of fact I like that dress a lot now but I don’t boast about it. In fact, am wearing that only now. Happy?”

“See, that’s what I was trying to convey. In life, there will always be two choices Niro. The one we like and the one that suits us. We tend to always prefer the one we like and not even bother about the one that will suit us. However, in course of time we realize that the one we like may not suit us but definitely we will end up liking the one which suits us. This law hold good for dresses, men, or anything for that matter. Think about it.” With this piece of advice Sushma disconnected the call leaving Nirosha is a complete awestruck scenario.

Nirosha didn’t decide yet, she neither called her mom nor did she call Krish. She just sat there in her desk with Sushma’s words lingering in her mind stronger and stronger every minute.

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