The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel – Time pass Tuesdays – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Unbreakable Bond – Blog Novel

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“Hey girls, I just dropped some coins accidently, please help me find it” said Shankar. Lalitha promptly bent down to search for it while Lakshmi and Swathi pulled her up and questioned Shankar, “Why don’t you guys help us find the twenty rupees note which we accidentally dropped?” All of them giggled as the sensual “ennule ennule” song was played. The next 4 minutes 55 seconds went slow, almost slow with occasional giggles from the guys and blushes from the girls. After the movie got over Lakshmi stated in an angry voice, “Waste of money, we could have gone elsewhere.” The guys however were so happy about the movie. Shankar said, “Well, the one song deserves all the money we paid and even more. What say guys?” Saravanan nodded obediently and added “Yeah, and Rajini was mass in the movie. Thalaivar was terrific even in such an old man role.”

The girls realized that it was total waste to argue with the guys about Rajini movie, so Lalitha changed the topic to something that everyone loves. She asked, “how about an ice cream?” Lakshmi was the only one who panicked; she said “I should go soon. If my appa sees me then I have to forget watching movies for a life time.”  Saravanan said with fake anger, “Stop your appa puranas. We are not in LKG; we are final year M.Com students, why don’t you understand it?” Lakshmi tried to convince him, “It’s not that. You know how strict my dad is. Why should we unnecessarily take risk?” Saravanan was persistent and persuading, “After this year, we may not even be able to meet constantly like this.” Everyone kept a gloomy face except Lakshmi who was angry and Saravanan whose face glittered in pride. Lakshmi protested, “You always know where to hit right? You touch the sensitive spots of people and gain sympathy.” Saravanan flirtingly replied, “Touch – Oh my god. I haven’t touched you or anyone. This is such a huge accusation.” Everyone couldn’t help but smile at Saravanan’s spontaneous witty reply. Somehow even Lakshmi accepted to accompany them for an ice cream.

“Kalyani, I will go to the electrical store and come. You wanted some bulbs to be replaced, isn’t it?” said Shankaranathan and started to wear his slippers. Kalyani nodded mildly and as soon as he went away she pressed Sahana’s hand and whispered, “Where is your stupid akka? When will she come?” Sahana was puzzled, “How will I know mom?” “Yeah, how will you know? I just wish that she shouldn’t get caught” uttered Kalyani in a shivering voice. Sahana smiled and said, “Don’t worry mom. She will not get caught. She is my sister after all, she will be clever.” Kalyani walked across the room time and again. Sahana shouted, “Mom, why are you worrying so much?”

Lakshmi and her friends went to the Vijay Ice Cream Shop in the Pycrofts Road. Most of them picked either cup or cone ice cream. The specialty of the ice cream in that particular shop is that they change the flavors daily. As Lakshmi happily licked the mango flavored cone ice cream, Saravanan irritated her by flashing his choco bar. She angrily pulled it from his hand and took a bite. After a minute or so, the ice creams were passed around to one another like a ball being passed around in some game. Lakshmi, Lalitha, and Saravanan fought with each other over a kulfi which was in Shankar’s hands; little did they know that Lakshmi’s father was in the opposite shop buying bulbs and tube lights. As Lakshmi passed the Kulfi (which she snatched from Shankar after a big struggle) to Saravanan, her father saw her with eyes full of rage.

Please wait till next Tuesday for the sequel of this.

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