Some People Walk In The Rain, Others Just Get Wet!! – Muaaah Mondays

Rain & Music - Elixir of Life
Rain & Music – Elixir of Life

Hi Folks,

I was too tired from the travel and vacation! I have uploaded couple of graduation day pictures on my facebook profile and one of my friends have tagged me on the vacation pictures, you can check it in my facebook profile. I planned to write about the vacation but the story is stored for something bigger. After 3 days of vacation and terrible travel sickness, I am sitting here with headache, stomach pain, and writer’s block. So I ping my best friend and asked him to give me a prompt and he promptly told “Rain”. I came across this Roger Miller’s quote and thought to write about it. I added one more clause from a friend who asked me to start my story with “The hallway was silent”.

The hallway was silent, very silent. Varun walked through the pitch darkness that was surrounding him, wondering what time of day it was. He woke up suddenly and was engulfed by darkness and silence. He opened the door of his balcony and witnessed dull light entering the hallway. He gazed at the large geometrically shaped wooden clock on the wall. He rubbed his eyes wildly just like a small baby and he saw that it was 6:00. He was still confused, “Was it six in the morning or evening?” As he walked into his room, he tried to recollect how he ended up in this confused state. When was the last time he was sober? He tried so hard to remember. All he could recollect was talking and drinking at around 2:00 AM on 10th January. He had only a limited amount of alcohol, well if one full is considered limited by anyone’s standards. He stared at his best friends, Vimal, and Sanjay who were in deep sleep. He controlled his urge to wake them up as he tried to find his phone which was by now dead. He fiddled with it to switch it on but failed miserably. At times when your smartphone tries to ditch you, it can be worse than the angry girl friend that you hate having. He tried to give life to it by connecting it to the charger and struggled to switch it on again but still he couldn’t.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the noise of water pouring ferociously and he went back to his balcony and saw that the rain was lashing with full force. “How come a silent sky became so violent within fraction of seconds?” he thought. He sat on the wooden chair in the balcony and gazed at the blasting sky. The rain was accompanied by its lovely but noisy family members – the sexy lightening, bossy thunder, blurring wind, and lovely chillness. The rain fell on the grills of the window and moved forward as if they committed suicide by jumping from there. Seeing these, he couldn’t help but smile at the beauty of nature. Being an extrovert, he hardly had a chance to relish the lonely, beautiful, and enjoyable moments. He was sitting there for almost 30 minutes gazing at the rain and the way it fell, he could see the clear sky getting darker and darker and he deduced that it should be evening. His peaceful ogling at the rain was disturbed by the grumbling sound in his stomach; he got up half mindedly and went directly to the fridge.

He grabbed some milk, cereals and came back to his comfortable position. He also brought his guitar which was in the hibernation mode for the past one year. He tried to play some songs while munching on cereals. He started with “Tum hi ho”, shifted to “Pehle Nazar Mein”, and finally the guitar churned out some unheard but beautiful musical score. The rain and thunder added to the bass effect, and drum effect to his music, for the very first time he was happy to be alone. He was happy, so happy that a tear between his eyelids rolled down. At times, it is important to be alone, enjoy being yourself, and be completely unpredictable.

In life only some people walk in the rain, others just get wet!!!

Love Thyself,

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri.


  1. I like to be the lead of your story. full adichutu, mazhaila nanainjuttu, milk and cereals saptu (vellaikaran mathiri) appuram guitar um vasikkuran.. Super nga

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