My Crazy Valentine

Hi Folks,

Poor S(t)ri was busy packing her bags for vacation with her best friends (remember I am graduating, so we planned to party for it!). I get this sweet message from my bestie.

My Crazy Valentine
My Crazy Valentine

Mia: What post have you planned for V-Day. It’s V-Day tomo! ❤ Yippee

Me: Go, I am not writing anything tomo! Am on vacation.

Mia: I have a lovely story. It’s funny and crazy too. Post it in your blog.

Me: When did I ever say no to you?

Mia: *smiles*

Me: Send me asap.

So here is the story!

The following is a guest post by my bestie “Mia”. Read through and Enjoy. Happy V-Day!

Valentine’s day is finally here! A day for the celebration of love.. (Not according to some lousy lazy men who claim love should be eternal and yearlong which it is aka they’re just too royal to do anything for V Day! :P)

But is this internationally acclaimed special day a blessing or a curse to couples? Every year, V Day brings a lot of pressure on men and women as they attempt to prove themselves in the department of love. To be honest, it has become some sort of an exam! I don’t believe it should be that way. Love is different, it can be in any form.. So here is how my perfect V Day plays out.

BF: Just because I didn’t see you in the morning doesn’t mean you should create a fuss! I had work!

Me: (Ruefully) You always have work.

BF: So I shouldn’t have work at all?!

Me: (Defiantly) I have work too!

BF: I can’t be here 24 hours with you all the time without doing anything!

Me: Essentially that’s what you will be doing after June 1 (marriage). Should have thought about it before you proposed. Go be with someone who you actually want to spend time with! I don’t wanna see you! Hmph!

BF: Look at your arguments! They don’t make any sense! If I let you talk, you just turn these trivial arguments against me and then I end up having to apologize to you when you are so UNREASONABLE!

Me: Excuse me!? Let me talk!?

BF: *mutters* Here we go.

Me: Were you under the impression that you were LETTING me do stuff?

BF: I wasn’t under any impression! *softly* I didn’t mean it that way! Cmon! As if I have ever controlled you.

Me: So you want to!? Is that right?

BF: Look at the way you talk! You see that! That right there!! I meant control your words!

Me: You started it! You behave as if you gave me freedom and am misusing it. LET me talk! HMPH! *stalks off*

BF: You come back here right now woman! What the hell did I start! I stated the fact. But I didn’t mean it that way!

Me: You say things and never mean them!

BF: Stop being childish! Oh Cmon! Don’t give me those big googly eyes! Now, you will just start raining those tears on me!

Me: Tomorrow’s Valentine’s day and you are fighting with me! I always give you respect. I am not over reacting, I don’t even talk you using “da” (casual way of calling a guy).

BF: I never considered it that way. I know. You haven’t done those things and you won’t. Still look at your tone of speaking!

Me: You phrased the words horribly! If I do the same, You have a problem.

BF: You are the one who always have problems with me! Complaints!

Me: Leave me alone! You have a problem with me all the time!

BF: Not again! Please not another fuss!

Me: *Imitates him* ‘You expect this, you expect that! that childish, this childish! Always fuzzy!’ Look at the amount of complaints against me!

BF: Oh good! You know what you do! That’s great!

Me: Ugh! *stomps her feet*

BF: Keep fighting me. That’s the best you do!

Me: Keep saying I’m childish and I expect too much! That’s all you do!


BF: *softly* Is it love only when I say or boast to you? If I don’t say it’s not love, eh?

Me: Fine! I’ll sit here and believe that Johnny Depp loves me! Only if he says it’s love eh?

BF: What am I supposed to do with that! I can’t go and tell Johnny to not love my sweetheart!

Me: Really?! That’s what you take from that analogy!? No one loves Mia! You know why? Because she is too childish and defiant and expects a lot like actual emotion!

BF: Is it a good time to say Happy Valentine’s day?! 😀 In advance.. ❤ ❤ Love you loads kanna!

Me: YOU ACTUALLY RHYMED! :O You can rhyme!! *narrows eyes* Was that wish genuine or just to get out of trouble?

BF: *grins sheepishly*

Me: While you’re being nice, can you buy me that giraffe teddybear that we saw in Lifestyle?

BF: Keep dreaming..

Me: What about getting down on one knee and proposing again with a rose.. preferably in your mouth..

BF: No.

Me: I love you too! 😀

Hope you had fun reading the story! Enjoy your day with your loved ones, even if you are single there are lot of people who you love in your life (mom, dad, friends, crushes, etc, etc) spend with them. If at all you feel that “you are forever alone” – spend time with yourself (cha, dirty minds – I meant spend time by getting yourself a gift, eat out, watch movies, and have fun!).

I am using this post as a response for Weekly Writing Challenge – My Funny Valentine.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


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