Love Begets Love – An Unusual Tale of Love & Affection

He stared at the wall bluntly, very bluntly. Rahul wasn’t crying, but he was sad; it was that kind of sadness which engulfs one’s body and enters into one’s mind and attacks the entire nervous system. He thought “Whoever said happiness is the only emotion which activates every single nerve is Mad.” Sadness activated every single nerve and every single blood cell in his body. He didn’t know what was more overpowering; sadness or anger, her going away or his inability to make her stay? She was gone, the love of his life was gone just like a passing cloud.

The Language Of Love
The Language Of Love

“If it’s not forever, it’s not love” – the Durjoy Datta Novel which Nisha gifted him was resting peacefully on his bed. She had signed inside it stating “It’s forever, that’s why it’s love – yours forever, Nisha”. “Where is the love, where is the forever?” wondered Rahul. He switched on his PC and logged in to facebook, it was full of Valentine’s Day posts. He slowly scrolled down his newsfeed and one particular meme caught his attention. It was a meme of Joker with a message, “You shouldn’t be sad because you don’t have GF on Valentine’s Day. Be sad, that you don’t have GF for rest of the days too.” He smiled softly and his trademark dimples appeared on his flawless cheek.

He was puzzled, he had scrolled almost 100 posts by now but not even a single post, status, or comment of Nisha’s was present. He searched for her profile and found that it was not showing up. He opened his inbox to see the her messages but the end of the conversation read, “You cannot reply to this conversation”. He wondered if she had deactivated the account or blocked him, he was sure the former was impossible. He cursed loudly and paused midway when he heard his door knob click, he saw Anjali entering the room.

“What’s happening?” She asked in a bossy, childish voice of hers. He smiled at her artificially and said nothing. She was persistent, she said, “Tell me, I will understand”. Suddenly, he wondered why he never bothered to make conversation with Anjali in his whole life. Anjali came near him and sat; seeing the screen of his PC she asked, “She blocked you?” Rahul nodded. She put a hand on his shoulders and said, “Tell me, I will not tell anyone, promise bhaiyya”. Anjali was Rahul’s 15 year old sister whom he never cared about much. As Rahul said the whole story Anjali listened with ears of tolerance. She patiently listened and wasn’t judgmental; she saw him with eyes of compassion. After he finished she spoke with language of love, “Rahul Bhaiyya, Guess what? That devil doesn’t deserve you. You are lot more worthy than that. May be you deserve Katrina Kaif, no she is old. Uhmmm, how about Shraddha Kapoor?” Rahul smiled truly this time and hugged her.

After few minutes she started to her room and said, “Don’t worry bhaiyya, this time spend Valentine’s Day with me. I am not that boring you see. 2 or 3 guys in my class say I am cool”. Rahul said with a false anger, “Who are those faggots?” That year Valentine’s was Rahul’s best so far because he dined with his sister in Pizza Hut, played on his Xbox with her, and finally they ended the day by watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on HBO.

If you have noticed closely, this is the first story of mine in which the male character has maximum importance and the story is from male’s perspective. This is written as a request or should I say an order from my nephew and close male friends. This one is for you guys.

This short story was written as a response to the prompt by Write Tribe on the topic “The Language of Love”

Word Count: 574 words (story alone)

You can be single, committed, divorced, separated, in a complicated, or in an open relationship but everyone of us deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day since it is not a day for romance but a day for celebrating kindness and love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

S(t)ri is away for the weekend as she will be busy celebrating V-Day with her single best friends. I will be back by Monday; well to add icing to my cake I am graduating this week (M.Tech Grad Day) – What will be a better valentine gift that my degree??

Anyways you guys take care for the next 3 days.

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri


  1. Also if I have noticed closely..
    Your standard reply “thanks a ton :D” has changed to “thanks a lot”/”thanks”

    A ton is too heavy , so you have let go of it i guess 😛


  2. I think you are getting into some zone here as a writer. Most of your characters dine in Pizza hut or gangotri. They expect love or long for love even when they are in relationship. Then there are this additional characters who have big heart and make the protagonist understand what truly matters. And then ofcourse a reference to harry potter. I guess you should come out of all these things rather than just writing in male point of view. Just my two cents. There is a lot of potential. I am looking forward to read your short stories in various genres.

    Now that you published the post, read it once again to remove some silly mistakes. I do that often (not correcting but typos). Important thing is it didnt hinder the flow. That is where you succeed.


    • 1) Typos edited, thank you!
      2) Yeah, I too felt so. I will change the reference to eateries, harry potter, etc from next post and as of love and longing I will try to change track or interpret differently soon.
      3)Thanks for the critics and compliments, I always love them both especially when it is from my favorite blogger.


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