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Long time since I blogged, ain’t it? It was totally writing and not blogging 😛 Well, I am concentrating on short stories, prompts, etc that I may not update the conventional blogs which I used to do before. However, today I am taking some time to blog about a deodorant and give reviews about it. I am this girl who will go to the health & glow store, pick a mauve colored Nike deodorant and check out. However, this little fashion freak demon in my mind popped out one year back and made me try the other deodorants so I went on this deodorant buying spree and tried almost 20+ deodorants in one year. End result? I ended up with Nike. Since none of them were satisfying. However, my sister asked me to try Engage deodorant and review for her, she goes by my review on her cosmetics and vice versa. So I got this deodorant and reviewed. Generally all the deodorants I tried will be at 3 or less on a scale of 5. So I won’t suggest them to anyone, however this one made me put a blog on the review. Why? Read on!

Engage Deodorants
Engage Deodorants – Source: S(t)ri’s Click


The Engage deodorant by ITC comes in lovely vibrant colored cans with 5 bouquets of flavors viz.

  • Rush (men), Blush (women) – Reddish Pink Can
  • Mate (men), Spell (women) – Blue Can
  • Urge (men), Tease (women) – Yellow Can
  • Frost (men), Drizzle (women) – Silvery White Can
  • Jump (men), Trail (women) – Neon Green Can.

They have an awesome fragrance which is pleasant and lasts long.

Price: Every flavor is priced at Rs.160 for 165ml quantity.

Lasts for:

  • 18-20 hours (without much perspiration) – Apprx.
  • 12-14 hours (with travel, perspiration, and sweat) – Apprx

Disclaimer: This may vary from person to person depending on work you do, and your perspiration quotient. As of men, it again depends on quantity you dab on.


  • Pleasant flavor, the flavor lingers around the whole day without any need to re-apply.
  • Prices are affordable and worthy.
  • Variety of flavors available.
  • Handy and easy to dump into a small handbag too.
  • Not itching or irritating on the skin (I am sensitive, still this works fine on me).


  • Ethyl Alcohol is present.

S(t)ri recommends? Sure. Go for it if you are okay with the alcohol (you can apply on dress and not on body if you feel sad about the alcohol presence).

S(t)ri will buy? Definitely. I am ditching Nike for this.

S(t)ri’s rating? 4.5/5 (0.5 reduced for Alcohol presence).

Love & Cheers,


I am S(t)ri

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