Love & Winning Your Spurs – A Tale of Love & Victory!

Love & Victory are Strangely Entwined

She remembered the past 2 years were she struggled, literally worked her asses off on this film. “LayaKrish” was a period movie with a contemporary theme; she had to think right from the scratch. She can’t copy or adapt any other styles which already existed. The team was indeed co-operative however the past two years have been mess, although on the professional front she was growing strong personally her life was on rocks or may be is still on rocks. She had a divorce and was the single mother of 6 year old Tanya for past one year.

She saw Tanya sleeping cozily in unaware of her arrival. She envied the innocence in Tanya’s face. She just hoped that she could feel that innocence that true happiness again. She was happy, clear, and blessed to have won but is she excited and enthralled the same way she had when her painting got first prize in her first grade? Finally sleep engulfed her and she dozed off.

Next morning, she woke up by hearing Tanya’s chirpy voice which shrieked, “Mommy, wake up, wake up.” She battled hard to open one of her eyes and finally she opened both her eyes and asked, “What is it Tanya?” Tanya was already getting ready to school and she kissed her mom bye and rushed off. Shravanti was miraculously free for the whole day and she thought of preparing something to eat for herself and Tanya. She asked the cook to take evening off and Shravanti tried to make Lasagne for her daughter.

After Tanya arrived that evening, they had this “mother-daughter” talk over the evening tea time which was almost an early supper now – thanks to the steaming hot and yummy lasagne. Shravanti asked Tanya, “So, how is school going? Having fun?” Tanya said, “I am so popular. Every teacher spoke about you today. It was awesome. You won first prize isn’t it?” Shravanti smiled broadly and said, “Yeah, first prize”. She watched as Tanya finished her food till the last bite and said, “That’s awesome mom. Yummy and tasty like you. Is this your treat for getting first prize?” Shravanti hugged her daughter and said, “Yeah dear, for our victory”. Shravanti felt the innocence rush in her smile and eyes while she spent this lovely moment with her daughter. She had won the National Award; however, it was her daughter who made her feel the excitement and love in getting the “first prize” (as she calls it).

“Winning is an awesome feeling, but sharing the happiness with loved ones multiplies the awesomeness.”

This prompt is written as a response to the and India Today Conclave 14 Contest – Winning.


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